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Does Jason Kidd Have The Right To Ask New Jersey Nets For Trade?

Does Jason Kidd Have The Right To Ask New Jersey Nets For Trade?The Newark Star-Ledger reports on Jason Kidd’s issues with the New Jersey Nets:

"He’s tired of what the team has become, and it shows," said one friend of Kidd’s, remaining anonymous so as not to be critical of the Nets’ captain. "And I doubt even an extension would make him happy at this point."

My AM Take: Jason Kidd doesn’t like what New Jersey has become. And, through his agent, he has requested a trade to a contending team.

On the one hand, Kidd has every right to ask for a trade. He’s the best point guard of his generation; a triple-double machine who holds it down on defense, too.

On the other hand, Kidd made his bed in Brick City and should lie in it. Years ago, as a free agent, he chose New Jersey over San Antonio.

He said no to Tim Duncan. He passed on Tony Parker as his backcourt mate. And he said thanks but no thanks to Gregg Popovich’s 103 million dollar contract offer.

Instead, Kidd re-signed with the Nets-a franchise he led to the NBA Finals, but were better known for mediocrity.

Sure enough, San Antonio has remained a perennial contender, while New Jersey –after a short run at the top of the Eastern Conference- has struggled to find consistency.

How can a player claim to now be about winning, when he passed on the opportunity for greatness years ago?

Like I said Jason Kidd has every right to ask for a trade. Whether he deserves to be accommodated is another question.

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