Tuesday , Jan , 29 , 2008 Oly Sandor

The ‘Max’ Series: Is Tracy McGrady Worthy of a Max Contract?

The 'Max' Series: Is Tracy McGrady Worthy of a Max Contract?NBA players are about status. They battle over cars, groupies, minutes, and statistics.

And nothing is more coveted amongst players than a ‘max’ contract. Currently, twenty-one ballers are part of this special club, earning the maximum salary allowable under the collective bargaining agreement.

Are they worth it? That’s the question. Every few days, HoopsVibe The Blog will analyze whether a specific player earning ‘max’ money deserves his salary.

Your job is to read the post, form an opinion, and tell us in the comment box below whether the player is worthy of a ‘max’ contract.

Is Tracy McGrady a ‘max’ player?

Tracy McGrady, 11th season, 19 million dollars per season.

Why: With size, skill, and athleticism, McGrady is part-scorer and part facilitator, which spells trouble for opposing defenses. Four times in his career, the sleek wing has averaged over 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Off-court, T-Mac avoids trouble and possesses a distinctive charm stemming from his laid-back Florida upbringing. A regular at All-Star games, he embraces the role of franchise ambassador.

Why not: Injuries and first round flame-outs. Each season, McGrady misses games with an assortment of injuries, so durability is an issue. Worst of all, for a player pulling in a max salary, he’s never won a playoff round and has a 0-6 record in deciding games.

Remember, last year …


Our Call: Not worthy of a max contract.

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