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New Orleans Personal: Why Baron Davis Was an All-Star Snub

New Orleans Personal: Why Baron Davis Was an All-Star SnubMy AM Take: The business of the NBA often becomes personal. Players, coaches, executives, and owners don’t forget small and insignificant slights. Occasionally, entire cities hold grudges, too.

With this in mind, I wasn’t surprised Baron Davis didn’t get voted onto the Western Conference All-Star squad as a reserve. B-Diddy deserved the honor, but was likely ‘passed over’ by coaches because of his legacy with the New Orleans franchise three years ago.

Davis walked on the Hornets in the winter of 2005, demanding a trade. This year’s mid-season classic is in the Big Easy, so the table-setter’s 22 points and 8 assists per game mean little. His team, GoldenState, is 28-19 in the highly competitive Western Conference, but that also means little.

Public relations matter. So Davis will conveniently spend All-Star weekend at home. Forget that he’s an entertaining player, who balls for the fan favorite Warriors. None of that matters in David Stern’s world.

To be fair, the west is stocked with quality point guards. Tony Parker, the NBA Finals MVP, was left off the roster. And Deron Williams will stay in Utah, too.

So this isn’t an Oliver Stone, single-gunman conspiracy against Davis, but his past was probably enough to tilt the scales against him.

Is this right? I’m not sure. I do know pissing somebody off in the NBA can be costly.

Is Baron Davis an All-Star? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

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