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Phoenix Suns Or Miami Heat: Who Wins The Shaquille O’Neal-Shawn Marion Trade?

Phoenix Suns Or Miami Heat: Who Wins The Shaquille O'Neal-Shawn Marion Trade?My AM Take: Today isn’t April Fools Day. And we haven’t been Punk’d. Pending a physical, the Miami Heat will trade Shaquille O’Neal to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

Get over your initial confusion, shock, and surprise. This is real. After a four year hiatus, O’Neal is retuning to the highly competitive Western Conference.

One thing is left for the HoopsVibe masses to do: judge who won and lost this crazy deal. As always, read the post, form an opinion, and get at us in the comment box below.

Why Phoenix Wins This Trade:

  • In O’Neal, the Suns have added the best center since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He’s won everything possible and could provide Phoenix with a half-court presence.

  • Fair or not, Shawn Marion has the rep of a whiner. Over the last few years, he’s complained about his role and clashed with the coaching staff.  

  • Acquiring O’Neal means Amare Stoudemire can stop masquerading as a center and shift to the four spot.

But …

  • O’Neal’s health is an issue. What happens to Seven Seconds To Shoot?

Why Miami Wins This Trade:

  • With Marion, the Heat has suddenly rebuilt their roster. The energy forward can run, defend, rebound, and score.

  • Eventually, O’Neal and Coach Riley were really going to clash. These two had been butting heads since pre-season and there was no hope of peace or détente.

  • Acquiring Marion must please Dwyane Wade. Flash can soon opt-out of his contract, so Miami must surround their superstar with talent.

But …


    Can Marion, an ultra-sensitive forward, play for a task-master like Riley?

Winner: Draw.

Why: There is risk and reward for both sides. Ultimately, this deal works for both squads because of circumstances.

Miami is rebuilding and needed to add fresh talent. Mission accomplished with Marion. It’s still a big if whether he’ll stay in South Beach and gel with Coach Riley.

Phoenix needed to switch things up for the playoffs. So the Suns have hedged their NBA Title hopes to O’Neal’s health and ability to gel with Seven Seconds To Shoot.


Like I said, plenty of risk and reward for both sides.

You’ve read both sides thoughts of the argument. Who wins this trade: Phoenix, Miami, or nobody? Get at us in the comment box below with your vote.

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