Saturday , Feb , 09 , 2008 Oly Sandor

Minnesota Shows Kevin Garnett Love, Celtics Edge Wolves

Minnesota Shows Kevin Garnett Love, Celtics Edge WolvesMy Quick Take: The game was an afterthought. Few cared what went down on-court between the Timberwolves and Celtics last night in Minnesota.

The real story was pre-game. Would former Wolf and franchise stud Kevin Garnett show for fans to honor him with an ovation?

Garnett, who toiled for twelve years in Minnesota before being traded to Boston last summer, has missed the last five games with abdominal trouble and watches from the locker room to avoid the pain from sitting on the bench.

Thankfully, Garnett broke policy so he and the fans could acknowledge each other. The Minnesota faithful greeted The Big Ticket with an amazing ovation and the forward bowed his head and pounded his heart several times. Touching stuff.

On-Court was entertaining, too. Minnesota has a terrible record (currently at 10-38), but their plethora of prospects always play hard. And the Wolves battled the Celts to the final seconds before Leon Powe’s buzzer-beating tip-in secured the win for Boston.

Still, the highlight was Garnett’s return to Minnesota and the ovation he received. This chapter on the forward’s career is now shut –everyone got some much-needed closure.

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