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The ‘Max’ Series: Is Pau Gasol Worthy of a ‘Max’ Contract?

The 'Max' Series: Is Pau Gasol Worthy of a  'Max' Contract?NBA players are about status. They battle over cars, groupies, minutes, and statistics.

And nothing is more coveted amongst players than a ‘max’ contract. Currently, twenty-one ballers are part of this special club, earning the maximum salary allowable under the collective bargaining agreement.

Are they worth it? That’s the question. Every few days, HoopsVibe The Blog will analyze whether a specific player earning ‘max’ money deserves his salary.

Your job is to read the post, form an opinion, and tell us in the comment box whether the player is worthy of a ‘max’ contract.

Is Pau Gasol a ‘max’ player?

Pau Gasol, 9th season, 16 million dollars per season.

Why: Open the dictionary, look up diverse, and you’ll find Gasol’s mug shot. The Spaniard’s repertoire of moves helps him dominate on offence. Down-low, he’s a Euro- Kevin McHale, capable of burning opponents with hooks, jumpers, and up-and-unders. The slender big can man the perimeter and embarrass sagging defenders with his range.

He’s intelligent. Gasol constantly sizes up opponents for any edge. His passing and basketball IQ are underrated aspects of his game.

Gasol has represented on the international scene. He’s always answered the call to play for  Spain and even led his country to  glory at the 2006 FIBA World Championships.


Why not: First round flameouts and the soft-tag. Gasol’s Grizzlies never advanced past the first round of the playoffs. Worst of all, Memphis always lost in embarrassing fashion.

Fair or not, Gasol has been hit with the soft ‘Euro’ label. Much of this stems from him using skill instead of power on the block.

Our Call: Not worthy of a max contract. This could change with the Lakers.

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