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No Guarantee For Gollum: Why The Boston Celtics Could Be Nervous About Sam Cassell

No Guarantee For Gollum: Why The Boston Celtics Could Be Nervous About Sam CassellMy Quick AM Take: Yesterday, I appeared on Game Points, a great sports radio show out of Montreal. One topic discussed during the roundtable was Sam Cassell’s seemingly inevitable departure from the Clippers to Celtics.

The veteran has been publicly campaigning for L.A. to buy him out, so he can play with friend Kevin Garnett in Boston. But the table-setter shouldn’t get a New England phone number quite yet. Elements are working against him landing in Beantown.

Cassell has a split personality. I call the NBA’s version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde good Sam and bad Sam. Good Sam enjoyed playoff success in Houston, Milwaukee, L.A. and Minnesota. Bad Sam created problems in the Bucks’ locker room, battled Wolves’ management for a new contract, and publicly ponders his next NBA stop with reporters while currently under salary with the Clippers.

Right now, Boston is rolling. Does GM Danny Ainge want to risk bad Sam showing up and wrecking his squad’s good vibes?

Cassell and Garnett are close. In the past, their relationship caused issues. Years back, Wolves’ management felt they couldn’t criticize Cassell, Troy Hudson, and Latrell Sprewell due to their friendship with The Big Ticket.

This isn’t a knock on Garnett; it shows his loyalty to teammates. However, it often made things uncomfortable. Ainge also has his own friends-Minnesota executive Kevin McHale. He’s well aware of the challenges of having Garnett and Cassell as teammates.

A few days ago, the Clippers played the Celtics in Boston. Cassell dropped a WWE forearm to the head of Rajon Rondo, the Celtics’ current starting point guard. Grudges won’t be held from this incident. But it doesn’t make Cassell joining Boston and taking Rondo’s minutes easier.

For a number of reasons, Cassell in Boston is far from a done deal. The Celtics might want to consider other options.

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