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Great Playoff Moments, Day 8: Golden State’s Baron Davis Poster Jobs Utah’s Andrei Kirilenko

Great Playoff Moments, Day 8: Golden State's Baron Davis Poster Jobs Utah's Andrei KirilenkoYears ago, grammar teachers attacked Webster’s dictionary for recognizing bling as a word. Well, why not include poster-job?

Yes, poster-job. Here’s a definition: to dunk on an opponent with such ferocity that fans scream, fall from their couch, and spill beer. The poster-job then receives more youtube plays than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

I’ve also got a visual -not of the Kardashian sex tape, but of a poster-job.

Rewind to last year’s Western Conference Semi-Finals between Utah and Golden State. Baron Davis, fresh off a career-defining series versus Dallas, was in fine form. The chubby one-guard froze Deron Williams on a shot-fake, attacked the basket with three hard dribbles, and crammed the ball on a rotating Andrei Kirilenko.

Oracle Arena went nuts. Davis ruffled his jersey in delight, while teammate Stephen Jackson brushed that dirt off his shoulders. Even mild-mannered, pine-timer Adonal Foyle wrinkled his nose and paced like a man possessed.

Of course, Davis’ dunk had little impact on the series; Utah’s rebounding and size helped them prevail. But Webster’s now has a definition of poster job and, perhaps, this word finds a dictionary near you.

Is Davis’ dunk the definition of poster job? Get at us in the comment box below. And come back to HoopsVibe The Blog tomorrow for another great moment in playoff history. Image courtesy of Lancley.

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