Sunday , May , 11 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Home Warriors

This is a special feature from guest blogger Christopher Sells.

Road wins seem to be hard to come by this round.

Since the conference semifinals began, only one team, Detroit yesterday by one point, has managed a road win. There have been close calls, but the home team has won with irregular regularity.

It’s been said that a series never truly begins until a team wins on the road. If that’s the case, only one series has started. Even after each series ended up with the home team up 2-0, it appears that the weekend might end with all but one series tied. All of those murmurs about how a series was over because of how the home team dominated now seem silly and premature.

So as we head down the stretch, there are questions to be answered. Will Boston ever win a road game? Can Utah take some of their home success on the road to Los Angeles? Will San Antonio squander a large second quarter lead to allow the Hornets to take a stranglehold on the series?

Stay tuned.