Tuesday , May , 13 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Please, Mother, Take Your Seat

Please, Mother, Take Your Seat

This is a special feature from guest blogger Christopher Sells.

I am pretty sure I’ve never cursed at my mom. There have been a few times that I may have been feeding her a direct quote from someone else that required me to give out a  word, but I just can’t fathom saying some things to her.

Clearly, LeBron James and I have different views on this subject.

In case you’ve missed it—and I have a hard time believing that you have—James had some choice words for his mom during a dust-up in the second quarter of last night’s game. You can watch that below. Even if you’re not an expert lip-reader, it’s pretty clear what’s being said. And he says it at least twice.

Gloria James has always been front and center at her son’s games. Her fandom (fanhood?) is probably rivaled only by Ann Iverson. Like many parents these days, she may possibly have been a bit more into the game than she should have been. I can imagine that the line “Let go of my baby” or some variant of was screamed during the incident. To preserve a bit of his dignity, and maybe to keep her out of trouble with men who are much larger than she, LeBron probably had to tell her that she should take her seat. Forcefully.


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