Monday , May , 19 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Find LeBron a PG

This is a special feature from guest blogger Christopher Sells.

Find LeBron a PG

It’s hard to be upset if you’re Cleveland. Yes, you just got sent home for the summer by the Celtics, but it took a monster game from Paul Pierce to do it. And, despite his struggles for most of the series, LeBron James was able to play his best game when it mattered. Still, Cleveland should really be thinking about how they can improve by next year.

They should be thinking about getting a point guard.

Clearly James is capable of handling and distributing to his teammates, but having someone to take that load off of him could allow him to preserve some energy and get some easier shots. Watching LeBron have to go one on five whenever he tried to drive the ball was painful.

The Cavs should look for someone who can control an offense and get the team some points even when they aren’t running a play. Delonte West and Daniel Gibson are primarily scorers that have been forced to play point guard in Cleveland. Whether those players are kept around or traded, the new guy should think pass first.

There aren’t many options in free agency, so the team’s front office will have to get creative through trades or the draft. This is especially necessary because James himself is saying it.

"I think what we have is very good, but we need to continue to get better. We know that," he told one of the local papers after yesterday’s game. "If that means some personnel changes that need to happen, then so be it. The teams around us in the league are continuing to get better."