Monday , May , 26 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Drugs Are Bad, M’Kay?

Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay?

This is a special feature from guest blogger Christopher Sells


Joakim Noah and Josh Howard should hang out. Or shouldn’t hang out, depending on your perspective. Noah was arrested early Sunday in Gainesville on alcohol and marijuana offenses.

As always, an unrelated situation led to the weed charges. Instead of drinking inside of a bar, which is legal in most places, he decided to hang out in the bar district with some alcohol in an open container, allegedly, which is illegal in a lot of places.

"[Noah] put the cup down on the street and walked away when he saw the officers, a pretty good indication that it didn’t just contain juice or something," a police spokesperson said about the incident.


Yes, Joakim, try to run when you have weed on you. Because maybe they wouldn’t have searched you and only given you a ticket since the open container thing is just a misdemeanor. But maybe I’m wrong. I’m no legal expert, after all.

In Noah’s defense, the weed was in a cigarette pack disguised as a smoke. So at least the arresting officers had to do a bit of work in order to charge him. (Cigaweed?)

It amazes me when people get caught on marijuana offenses. I don’t do any drugs (and neither should you. My public service announcement for the month), but I know quite a few people who do. And, allegedly, lots of NBA players do so during their summer vacations. Nearly all of them have avoided being caught or putting themselves in a position where they’d be discovered.

But doing things that are illegal doesn’t mean you have to be smart about it. Which is why you have your name in the papers today, Mr. Noah.

No, not those kind of papers.