Monday , Jun , 02 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Let the Hype Begin

Let the Hype BeginThis is a special feature by guest blogger Christopher Sells.

The hype machine is already at full speed and there are still three days to until Boston and Los Angeles renew their rivalry in the Finals. This will be the 11th time they’ve faced off for the Larry O’Brien trophy. What story will people grab onto?

Kobe’s attempt to win a ring without Shaq and cement his legacy?

Phil Jackson’s attempt to pass Red Auerbach’s championship total against Red’s old team?

The “Boston Three Party” attempting to win a ring in their first season together?

Paul Pierce playing in the Finals against his hometown team?

Magic vs. Bird?

Huge media markets playing against one another, almost guaranteeing high TV ratings?

Jackson’s wealth of experience vs. Doc Rivers’ lack thereof?

The week we’ve had to wait to see any action?

The possibility that past fans will flock back to see the NBA’s two most dominant franchises (31 of 62 league championships after this season) because it’s a familiar matchup from the league’s golden years?

That’s just to name a few. Undoubtedly there are more circulating in the papers and online. With all of the hype surrounding the series, it’s almost impossible to believe that the actual on-court play will be able to compare with all of the surrounding hype.

But just maybe…