Tuesday , Jun , 03 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Wade to the Bulls?

Wade to the Bulls?This is a special feature by guest blogger Christopher Sells.

If you’ve read some of my past work, you may know by now that I don’t really care for Pat Riley that much. This is not to say that I don’t have a great deal of respect for a man that has coached three different teams into the NBA Finals and won championships with two.

But if  these new rumors are true, I may soon lose that respect as well. Word out there is that the Bulls and Heat are considering swapping picks in the upcoming draft, along with Dwyane Wade. I have absolutely no idea why the Heat would do this. Wade, ever the professional, had this to say about the rumors:

"I have heard my name being talked about, and I can’t worry about it. There is one thing in this league that you have no control over. If another organization wants you, then you should feel good to be wanted."

This is true, of course. And what team wouldn’t want Wade? Aside from his injury concerns, which should be cleared up come next season, there’s not much negative that comes with him. He’s a top ten player when healthy and one of the league’s most recognizable faces. He’s won a championship and plays hard almost to a fault. So he might be with Star Jones. Hey, no one’s perfect.

And if Riley is going to give Wade away for an unproven rookie and the spare parts that are on the Bulls’ roster, he’s certifiably insane.