Wednesday , Jun , 04 , 2008 Christopher Sells

There Will be Trades

There Will be TradesThis is a special feature from guest blogger Christopher Sells.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s Flip Saunders firing, there is only one thing that is certain.

Joe Dumars is pissed.

During the press conference he held, it became very clear that Joe D, he of the cool on-court demeanor that would not wilt under pressure, can get emotional. He pulled no punches and he said some surprising things.

The most surprising of these is Dumars’ declaration that someone on the Pistons will be traded. As he said of firing Saunders, "It’s never the easiest change you can make, but it’s the first change you can make." It was indeed the first, and it sounds like he thinks any changes that follow will be easier. They will not, it seems, involve a player that is on the team’s periphery.

"I’ll make a significant trade." Direct quote from Dumars.

Excepting Ben Wallace, who left by his own decision, this core has been intact since the Pistons won their lone championship. The surrounding pieces have varied a bit, but even they haven’t been shuttled in and out. The Pistons have been the picture of NBA consistency, even if that hasn’t always meant ultimate victory.

Well, the directive has come form the top. Things will change.