Thursday , Jun , 05 , 2008 Christopher Sells

The Finals v. General Mischief

The Finals v. General MischiefThe NBA wants you to remember that the Finals start tonight and that it is likely the greatest thing that you’ll ever witness with your own two eyes. They’ll no doubt throw the Lakers’ and Celtics’ tradition at you and hope that you get all teary eyed, yearning for the good ol’ days.

The only problem is that on the day that we’ve spent an entire week waiting for (ugh), the headlines include one of their players getting arrested for driving recklessly with a suspended license (better than the prostitute issue he had previously), and another getting picked up on gun charges.

While this isn’t any more serious than the transgressions of other professional athletes and celebrities, it seems to be magnified when talking about NBA players. I won’t take the time to get into the possible hows and whys of the issue, but it’s something that David Stern and all of his subordinates are aware of. And while they probably don’t have a problem dealing with it, I’m sure that they don’t want to have to deal with it right this minute.