Monday , Jun , 09 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Postgame Observation

Postgame ObservationDepending on which side you’re rooting for, Game Two left you questioning the officiating that allowed the Celtics to shoot 38 free throws to the Lakers’ 10 and wishing that Kobe Bryant would step up more, or applauding Paul Pierce for stepping up despite his injured knee (allegedly) and wondering exactly where Leon Powe has been all of your life.

Whatever your take on those things, what is certain is that the Celtics have a 2-0 lead, despite almost choking it away in the fourth quarter. Some are saying that the Lakers’ comeback could give them something to build on as they begin their three-game homestand, others wonder how the team could have been down 24 points at all.

Game Three is what we’ve come to know as a must win game for the Lakers. Going down 3-0 has proven to be an impossible deficit to overcome and there isn’t any reason to believe this team could change that.

The Celtics would be much better off if they could come a way with at least one win in Los Angeles. We know about their sterling home record and their spotty road performaces. 1-for 3 is doable and it gets rid of a bit of the pressure that might be associated with a Game Six down 3-2.

This is where the chess match should begin between coaching staffs. They’ve felt out what the other team is doing and there should be a clearer picture of what will and won’t happen in each game. Expect to see some new wrinkles thrown out on Tuesday and some time spent making adjustments on the fly.