Thursday , Jun , 26 , 2008 Christopher Sells

NBA Draft 2008 Live Blog

This is a special feature by guest blogger Christopher Sells.

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7:36 (ET): For some reason we’re waiting for the Bulls to make a selection, even though it’s been announced that Derrick Rose will be their pick. This will be a long night.

7:38: The Bulls take Rose, as expected. Hugs all around. It must be weird hearing the ESPN guys commentate your every move in real time.

7:41: Has anyone bothered to mention that the Heat have the next pick? I don’t believe for a second that they aren’t going to take Beasley.

And B-Easy it is. They may trade him, but surely no one thought he’d slip out of the top two.

7:46: Guys are wearing subdued colors from what I can see so far. Sensible fashion-wise, but no fun. I really wanna see someone in something bright red.

7:48: O.J. Mayo should buy a jacket. And his mom is wrong for naming him Ovinton J’Anthony. OJ is a great nickname. All of that being said, he’s now a Timberwolf. I can’t understand how people are saying that he’s going to be a bust. He lacks focus sometimes, but kid can play.

7:51: Seattle’s on the clock. They’re also about to make a draft pick.

Pat Riley’s face is as red as the banner behind him. A little less sun, Riles.

7:54: Apparently the Sonics don’t want to pick this high. And  they surprise everyone and take Russell Westbrook. Didn’t see that coming. Is there a trade brewing?

Kevin Durant in the building to rep for the Sonics. I guess anyone else they might have sent had to be in court this morning. We get to find out the fate of the Sonics on July 2. For next season, anyway.

7:59: First commercial break. Nice to see them keep the ticker rolling.

8:01: Memphis is up. Kevin Love gets drafted way too high. Kids, outlet passing can in fact make you a lottery pick. Step it up.

Yes, Love can pass the ball into the basket from 94 feet. Please retire that clip immediately. Sheesh.

8:05: Knicks turn! Please don’t pick DJ. Please don’t pick DJ. Please don’t pick DJ…

8:06: Danilo Gallinari. And the Knick fans go wild. Or crazy. Or suicidal.

8:07: His nickname is the Rooster? And he has a shoe? Um, OK.

8:10: Doing your first interview in a foreign language in front of a hostile crowd. Welcome to the Knicks, Rooster!

8:12: With the 7th pick,  the Clippers select someone who will want to leave after their first contract is up. And that man is Eric Gordon. Who is wearing a white jacket and black pants. This is all amusing, because he reminds me of a rich man’s Cuttino Mobley. Don’t think he has a bald spot going yet, though.

8:16: The Bucks are up next. Everyone had them taking Alexander, but with the Jefferson trade, who knows what they’ll do.

JVG thinks Marbury is still a very good NBA pg. I want what he’s on.

The Bucks do indeed take Alexander. Even though he’s very similar to Richard Jefferson. Even though Yi is gone and Alexander’s Mandarin skills are now irrelevant.

8:21: The Bobcats are about to pick the next player who will hate Larry Brown. Maybe a Lopez?

8:24: DJ Augustin. Glad to see him drafted since I’m a Longhorn fan. Didn’t want to see him go here though. I guess Raymond Felton isn’t cutting it anymore.

8:27: I’m beginning to suspect that Stern and Co. told everyone to keep the suits simple. Jerk.

Brook Lopez is a Net. I guess there’s something about twin centers that they can’t resist.

Pacers up next. must feel good to get TJ Ford and a draft pick for a guy who hasn’t played for you in a year or so. They’ve got some good young guys there. I’d expect them to take a shooting guard. Brandon Rush?

8:35: Bayless? Good player, but is he a two? Or is he gonna get to come off the bench? Tinsley should probably be worried.

8:41: Jason Thompson is a Sacramento King. He’s the first senior selected and the first guy who isn’t here. So we don’t have to hear him interviewed by Stephen A. Smith. Thank goodness.

8:44: And the Blazers pick Greg Oden? What? That was last year? Oh.

Brandon Rush, actually. Best player available, yes. Plays the same position as Brandon Roy, though. No one will know he’s there, of course, because of all the attention Oden’s gonna get.

8:50: G State with the last pick of the lottery after a 48 win season. Would have been good for fourth in the East. Instead, they get to draft Anthony Randolph. He’s somehow different than Brandon Wright.

8:54: And we’ve had to heard from Dickie V on who should have been picked over whom. How did that NBA career go, Dickie?

8:57: Robin Lopez to the Suns. $50 says there’ll be a Shaq question when he talks to Stephen A.

Pick 16- Philly- Marreese Speights

9:04: With all of the rumored trades, it sure has been quiet.

And I’ve already heard from a Sixers fan that would have rather had Darrell Arthur. Personally, I’d be happy with any upgrade over Dalembert.

9:08: And the Raptors select Roy Hibbert for the Pacers. Must feel nice knowing that you went 17th this year when you could have probably gone top five last year.

ESPN mentions that Arthur is the last guy left in the green room. I could’ve sworn I saw DeAndre Jordan’s name on the list the other day. Did I imagine that?

9:13: No I didn’t. Guess that means his stock has dropped even more than people thought it would. Good look by the NBA to keep him from being Brady Quinn ’08.

9:15: Javale McGee gets to be a Wizard.

We have a trade! The Blazers get Ike Diogu and Bayless, the Pacers get Rush and Jarrett Jack. Love that trade for the Blazers. The Pacers are planning on keeping Tinsley perhaps. Rush gets to join his brother, Kareem.

9:20: JJ Hickson gets to be a LeBron. Can the Cavs get a real point guard at some point? Or maybe they actually want to keep getting eliminated and to force LeBron to go to Brooklyn.

9:24: Maybe the Bobcats will get Arthur out of the green room so we can stop hearing about his gum chewing.

9:26: Nope. Alexis Ajinca from France, and he’s crashed the Draft. Maybe Arthur should go sit in the stands where no one will notice him.

9:28: Josh McRoberts will also be leaving Portland for Indiana. Whoop-de. Can I say that Portland is robbing the Pacers? Roy and Bayless should complement each other quite nicely.

9:31: Nets up next. With Jefferson gone, how long is it til Vince Carter starts dogging it?

9:33: Ryan Anderson. The Nets love the big guys.

9:35: Whoever at ESPN got Kevin Love to point to the back of his jersey and say "It takes love" should be shot. Why not get OJ to say "It takes Mayo?"

9:38: The Magic have an opportunity to end Arthur’s suffering. Instead, they select Courtney Lee. The Magic are going to try to outscore everyone next year, evidently.

9:42:  The Jazz pick up Kosta Koufos. Finding playing time in Utah’s frontcourt will be difficult, but Jerry Sloan doesn’t play a lot of young guys anyway. At least he’ll get to take pictures at some of those legendary parties they have up there.

Seattle, with pick number two, drafts Serge Ibaka, who has also crashed the draft. Two down, four to go. Fraschilla claims he’ll stay overseas for a while.

9:51: Arthur looks really sad. Someone should give him a big hug.

Houston! Draft another doctor. Or some crutches and athletic tape. Knowing the front office, it’ll be a shooter.

9:56: Nicolas Batum is a Rocket. Fran says he could be Rudy Gay in the future. Gee, if only Houston hadn’t drafted him and traded him away two years ago. Just saying.

9:58: Now the news is that Arthur has kidney issues that are contributing to his falling stock. Hard to believe that he wouldn’t have expected this if he really didn’t submit to the physicals and the tests that teams were asking him to go through.

The Spurs pick up George Hill from IUPUI. It’s always strange when the Spurs draft someone from inside the country. Probably part of the effort to get the Spurs’ average age out of the 40s before next season.

The Hornets are going to trade this pick to Portland for cash. I guess Shinn would rather get paid than try to improve his team.

10:08: Arthur gets a standing o from the Garden crowd as he’s drafted by the Blazers at 27. Jay Bilas may have a… Well, let’s just say he’s happy to move him off of his "Best Player Available" list.

10:14: Contrary to reports, Memphis will not be giving this pick away for a box of wristbands. The Grizz should be happy knowing that they’ll get Marc Gasol next year to help them out down low. He’ll probably be better than Kwame Brown. Just a hunch.

10:16: Jay Bilas saying that Memphis’ pick at 28, Donte Green, has all the necessary tools but can’t find the key to the toolbox is just cold.

10:19: This is where we find out if Bill Walker was indeed promised a spot by the Pistons. While they can gett a player that’ll help them here, I’m more interested in finding out what moves they decide to make in free agency and through trades. I’m of the opinion that Sheed might need to find a new home.

10:23: DJ White. Pretty skilled guy, not sure what he does differently than Jason Maxiell though.

10:24: Stu Scott tells the Garden not to boo Isiah. Why not? As many times as this crew has said that the Knicks need a boatload of help, why not voice your displeasure with the person responsible for that?

10:26: The Celtics have been slightly less active than they were last year. I think they showed that finding veterans to come in and play key roles is more effective than drafting someone to come in and help them.

10:28: The draft is three hours deep, as the Celtics make the final pick of the first round. I swear the telecast is making this thing longer than it should be. ESPN isn’t even abiding by the timer of the left side of the screen. I guess the NBA figures they need to make this thing halfway interesting for TV.

10:31: JR Giddens to the Celtics. From here on out, the contracts are non-guaranteed. Hope you’re ready to work for your money, fellas.

10:33: Dickie V with the surprising endorsement of high school players being able to go straight to the league. Of course, he follows that by saying that the kids who do go to college should have to stay for at least three years. How that helps the kids, I don’t know. Thanks for sharing anyway, Dukie.

10:35: ESPN tells us that DJ White may be involved in a trade right before they hit commercial. I presume they’ll tell us all about it after they finish trying to convince people to stick around for the second round.

10:39: Welcome NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. I have no idea who you are. Minnesota takes Nikola Pekovic. I guess it’s time for Fran to earn his money for the night. I suspect that many teams start will drafting foreigners that they can stash overseas for a few years.

DJ White will go to Seattle and Walter Sharpe, who has just been drafted, will head to Detroit, along with the 46th pick. White makes more sense on the Sonics’ roster, where they could use some toughness to go along with Nick Collison down low.

10:44: Larry Brown: "Name me a coach that’s not tough on point guards." Translation: "You will soon hate me DJ and Ray." He throws in a "playing the right way" reference for good measure.

Portland takes Joey Dorsey. He may take some time away from Pryzbilla and LaFrentz. He may also spend some time in the D-League. Dorsey is enigmatic like that. He’ll bang around and work hard, but not much else.

10:48: Mario Chalmers gets drafted by the Wolves at 34. Surprised he didn’t go earlier. He’s not a pure point, but his shooting and defense make up for that. He’ll get to fight for time in a crowded young backcourt. Bassy, Mayo, Foye, McCants… Good luck with that, dude. He also invited himself to the draft.

DeAndre Jordan finally gets picked, at 38 by the Clippers. He’s smiling, despite dropping a good 25 picks in about two weeks. I guess that’s the difference between sitting in the bleachers instead of the green room. Funny how there haven’t been any reports about him not being in the green room after he was on the invitee list.

10:54: No he wasn’t ready. I think we all know that at this point. But, Mr. Bilas, ask anyone if they’d rather get paid to hoop or have to do it for free in college while having to scrape by. Most of these guys who don’t make NBA rosters will get to play in the D-League, which is still professional basketball. Last I checked, that was the goal. They’ll just have to work a little harder for the promotion that is the NBA.

10:58: Omer Asik didn’t even get to have his name called on TV. At some point, they’ll acknowledge that he was picked by Portland. Milwaukee picks up Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. He’s a Cameroonian prince. He should fit right in with the folks in Wisconsin.

This Silver guy is nervous or has trouble reading. Kyle Weaver goes to the Bobcats. He probably deserved to be drafted higher, but playing out on the West Coast and being on a defensive team like Washington State probably didn’t earn him any extra attention. Larry Brown should love him, though.

The Bulls pick up Sonny Weems, who won the college slam dunk contest. At 193, he may be a bit light in the trousers to make much of a difference anytimme soon.

11:04: The Nets pick up Chris Douglas-Roberts. CDR goes in the 40th slot after being expected to go in round one. Bilas is beside himself. New Jersey is very quietly having a very good draft.

11:07: The Pacers will apparently be picking during the commercial break. Nathan Jawai it is, out of Australia.

11:10: This two minute timme limit between picks is moving things right along. Sean Singletary is drafted by the Kings. Two picks during the commercial break. If the draft is taking place, but you can’t see it happening, is it really there?

11:13: Patrick Ewing, Jr. is a King. Sac, last two picks remind me of people they already have on their roster. Ewing is an undersized power forward like kenny Thomas and Singletary is a small scorer, like Quincy Douby.

11:15: Scott asks Larry Bird about Jerryd Bayless, which is weird, considering that the Pacers traded him to Portland. I guess he just wanted to know. I’m sure the laughter at the Garden had nothing to do with that.

11:17: The latest Will Ferrell movie commercial is interrupted by some noise to let us know that Ante Tomic was drafted by the Jazz. Croatian? I’m sure it’ll be a while before we see him.

11:18: I’m sad that basketball season doesn’t start for another four months. Summer league will provide some relief, but it’d be nice to see some of these guys take on the real deal competition right away. Instead, we get baseball. And the WNBA.

11:21: The Spurs select Goran Dragic. That’s more like it. Where did the Spurs get off drafting an American in the first round?

11:23: The Sonics pick for the Pistons and select Trent Plaisted. You can’t teach size.

11:24: Bill Walker will be a Wizard. Here’s hoping he comes back strong from his injury and fills the lane on Washington’s fast break next year.

11:28: Malik Hairston is a Sun. Richard Hendrix is a Warrior. And we are quickly approaching the four hour mark.

11:31: Even though many of these guys have been in college for three or more years, I’ve still barely heard of them. They’re an important part of college hoops, but I guess the early entrance detractors don’t think as highly of these guys.

DeVon Hardin goes to the Sonics. Yet another big guy for the Sonics. There is no truth to the rumor that they are hoarding big bodies to help them loading the moving truck to Oklahoma City.

Shan Foster gets picked up by the Mavericks. He allegedly looks like Usher. After ESPN shows the song he wrote for the draft, it’s a good thing he plays basketball.

Darnell Jackson goes to the Heat. A good night for Kansas, this is their fourth player drafted. Utah picks up Tadija Dragicevic. Houston picks up Maarty Luennen. Yawn.

Chalmers goes to Miami in exchange for future picks and cash. Makes sense, the Heat need some guards.

Mike Taylor gets drafted by the Blazers, despite playing in the D-League last season. There was an explanation, but it was pretty long. Can we just make this thing end already?

Sasha Kaun is drafted by the Sonics. The Jayhawks’ good draft continues. Kaun will likely play in Russia. This was reported a while ago, so the Sonics are now officially wasting picks.

11:48: The Spurs pick up James Gist. Ian Mahinmi is next in the line of big guys that will get a shot with the Spurs, so Gist making the squad in any capacity is probably a stretch. Like many other players, he’ll likely get a chance to show his wares during summer league play.

11:52: The Wizards send Bill Walker’s rights to Boston for cash. Not sure what Walker’s chances will be in Beantown. The Lakers draft Joe Crawford. No, not the referee.

11:55: Detroit gets Deron Washington from Virginia Tech. He will dunk on someone in practice, if he makes it that far. It’s interesting how athletes get criticized for not having enough game while some players are panned for not being athletic enough. There’s a happy medium, clearly, but who really knows where that is?

11:59: Nearly midnight and the Celtics are on the clock for the last pick of the draft. the NBA’s Mr. Irrelevant will not be announced until after ESPN gets done talking. Not like they’ll have hours to do this later. Get it over with, guys.

12:01: Mike Taylor goes from the Blazers to the Clippers for a second rounder.

Adam Silver has a fan club in the Garden. Semih Erden is Turkish, has his rights owned by the Celtics, and is the final pick of the night. And mercifully, the Draft comes to an end.

If you stuck around this long, thanks for hanging in there. If you’re reading after the fact, thanks for toughing it out. Be sure to check back with Hoopsvibe for post-draft thoughts, grades and information. It’s been real.