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Analyzing Miami’s Point Guard Options: Livingston, Pargo, Williams, Tinsley, Ridnour or Marbury?

Analyzing Miami's Point Guard Options: Livingston, Pargo, Williams, Tinsley, Ridnour or Marbury?The point guard gossip is piling up in Miami. Yes, the exotic city has turned her attention from silicone implants and celebrity sightings to the Heat’s starting table-setter duties in 2008-09. 

Fortunately, the NBA is like the American housing industry with loads of ‘foreclosed’ point guards for Miami to choose from. Reports indicate this buyer’s market includes cheap free agents, trade options, and even a former superstar awaiting a buyout in New York.

Not all options are equal. Pros and cons exist with each player the Heat could entrust to run their half-court sets. That said, lets examine their options, so South Beach can return to discussing enhanced chests and US weekly covers.

Free agents:

Shaun Livingston 

A can’t miss prospect who became a miss after typical Clipper mismanagement and a blown knee. Still, Livingston’s potential is worth a one-year contract, but the Heat would have to allocate time for his injury to heal.

Jannero Pargo

Rewind to game seven of the New Orleans-San Antonio series. In the fourth quarter, Pargo kept the Hornets close by competing and challenging the former world champion Spurs.

That moment showed Pargo is a perfect combo guard, capable of coming off the bench and dropping instant points. Think Vinnie Johnson. Think potential star sixth man.

But few think starting table-setter, though. Scorers often struggle having to facilitate opportunities for teammates. Every club, including the Heat, should consider signing him as their designated second-unit scorer.

Jason Williams

Some fans want Williams –the club’s starter the past three years- to re-sign with Miami. After all, the point guard (or devil) you know is better than the point guard (or devil) you don’t, especially when he returns at a reduced salary.

Trade possibilities:

Jamaal Tinsley

Talented, but troubled. That’s the word on Tinsley, a solid table-setter who struggled with his weight and Indiana’s nightlife. He’d have issues in South Beach.

Luke Ridnour 

A few years back, Ridnour was the toast of Seattle, a local boy on the verge of becoming a top-ten point guard. Times have changed. Seattle is now Oklahoma City; the Oregon grad is currently the third-stringer behind veteran Earl Watson and rookie Russell Westbrook.

Ridnour, if he regains his confidence, would be more than a stopgap, band-aid solution for the Heat. He just needs a new team.

The Wildcard:

Stephon Marbury 

When, not if, New York buys Marbury out of his contract, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. Too bad few teams have interest in the Starbury circus.

(Why Miami should pass on Marbury. By the way, Steph, what exactly is ‘youthier’?)

Who is the best point guard for Miami? What is your definition of youthier? Get at us in the comment box below and come back to HoopsVibe the Blog for more NBA Tidbits. Photo courtesy of Sooner Shooter.