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What has happened to Toronto’s classy Jose Calderon?

Toronto is a multicultural city, with a large, proud, and powerful Chinese population. Calderon, after inking a lucrative extension this summer and landing the starting point guard spot, may rightfully face a backlash from the city’s diverse fan base …

What has happened to Toronto's classy Jose Calderon?NBA news mixed with analysis:

News: “I would like to share a story with you about something that happened with the Spanish National Team that someone interpreted incorrectly. It happened in the photo session where the Spanish National Team was introduced; one of our sponsors asked us to pose with a “wink” to our participation in Beijing, we made an oriental expression with our eyes. We thought it was something appropriate and that it would always be interpreted as somewhat loving.” (From TSN and El Mundo) 

Analysis: Nobody had a rougher Olympics than Jose Calderon. First, he was photographed with the Spanish National squad making an insulting “oriental expression” (his words, not mine). Instead of offering an unconditional apology, he made things worse by trying to explain the picture.

Toronto has a large and proud Chinese population. Calderon, after inking a lucrative extension with the Raptors this summer and landing the starting point guard spot, may face a backlash from the city’s Chinese community.  

News: “It’s not the moment to be talking about officiating, but I think we would have won under FIBA rules.” (Found this on HoopsHype rumours section. Original source El Mundo.)

Analysis: The Raptors’ table-setter sat out the gold medal game with injury, but still blamed officiating for Spain’s loss to ‘Redeem’ Team USA. Worst of all, he threw out a disclaimer before insinuating the refs contributed to the defeat.

During his three-year run in the NBA, Calderon has handled the press beautifully, sidestepping a potential controversy with former teammate T.J. Ford over the starting point guard spot. Until recently, his conduct on-and-off court had been exceptional.

Something changed at the Olympics, though. During Sunday’s final, Calderon and his teammates protested every call, which led to two fourth quarter technical fouls. Jay Triano, an assistant coach with Calderon’s own Raptors and game analyst with CBC, criticized Spain’s poor sportsmanship on-air.

Hopefully, the Jose that Toronto knows and loves returns –and soon.  

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