Wednesday , Aug , 27 , 2008 Oly Sandor

Greatest Modern-Day Big Man Dunker: Chris Andersen, Stromile Swift, Tyrus Thomas, or Sean Williams?

Greatest Modern-Day Big Man Dunker: Chris Andersen, Stromile Swift, Tyrus Thomas, or Sean Williams?Once is fun. Twice is nice. Third times a charm, right? With this theory in mind, HoopsVibe The Blog decided to hit readers with another post on best big-man dunkers.

In case you missed it, post one featured the aerial antics of Dwight Howard, Shawn Kemp, and Darryl Dawkins. Post two had new school heads like Kenyon Martin, Josh Smith, and Amare Stoudemire rocking the rim.

This time, we’re using your comment box suggestions as candidates. That’s right. You asked for these specific dunkers, so we’re giving it you.

Post three features two veterans, a third year pro, and a second year high-flyer. This group haven’t fulfilled their on-court potential, but each is a terrific big-man dunker.  They may deserve mention next to Kemp, Howard, or Stoudemire.  You decide!

Read the case for each player, watch the clip, and get at us in the comment box with your thoughts on whether these youngsters can be in the conversation of best big man dunker.

Candidate 1: Chris Andersen

Nickname: ‘Bird Man’.

Best Asset: The lanky Texan is an entertainer. He has crazy hair, tattoos, and the post dunk celebration down with his ‘Bird Man’ shtick. Oh yeah, he’s a walking highlight reel, too. 

Candidate 2: Stromile Swift

Nickname: The ‘Stro’ Show.

Best Asset: Swift has it all -long arms, great height, and amazing leaping ability. His years in the NBA have produced a plethora of great jams.

Candidate 3: Tyrus Thomas

Nickname: The Mercenary (after admitting he was only entering the 2006-07 Slam Dunk Contest for money).

Best Asset: Thomas combines power and athleticism. The Bulls post attacks the basket with unmatched aggression.

Candidate 4: Sean Williams

Nickname: ‘Le Freak Elastique’.

Best Asset: New Jersey’s young post has a frame that contorts like Gumby. In his only NBA season, Williams has shown he can dunk on the break or in traffic. 

My Call: Each dunker is special. Even though he’s been out of the league due to suspension, Chris ‘The Bird Man’ Andersen gets a slight nod over the four because he’s an entertainer.

Who is the best big man dunker? Andersen? Swift? Thomas? Williams? Are any all-time big man dunkers like Kemp, Howard, Dawkins, or Stoudemire? Get at us in the comment box below and come back to HoopsVibe The Blog for more NBA tidbits. Photo courtesy of billy-y1.