Sunday , Oct , 05 , 2008 Oly Sandor

Toronto’s Anthony Parker a classic glue-guy, details on Boston’s televised scrimmage, uncertainty hangs over Golden State, and retro Lakers stuff…

The Line-up for October 6th has today’s latest and best posts from the world wide web of bloggers, featuring: Detroit’s new-look starting line-up … your WNBA update … a preview of the NJ Nets … a Ben Gordon breakdown … thoughts on the NBA changing instant replay … Amare going with goggles or another form of protective eyewear … and much, much more … so click here for details …

Toronto's Anthony Parker a classic glue-guy, details on Boston's televised scrimmage, uncertainty hangs over Golden State, and retro Lakers stuff...The Line-up for October 6th has the best blog posts anywhere …

  • Matt of Detroit Bad Boys has info on Amir Johnson starting at the five-spot for the pre-season. I like this move. Johnson provides energy, while ‘vet’ Antonio McDyess and Rodney Stuckey give the Pistons a pick-and-roll combo off the bench.
  • describes the uncertain mood at Golden State’s media day. The scribes, like the general public, have no clue on this team. Their best player, Monta Ellis, injured himself on a moped and lied about it. Management and ownership can’t agree on his punishment. And nobody knows how long is he out. Still, never count out a Don Nelson squad.
  • The Hoop Doctors talk J-Williams.  Myself, I loved White Chocolate’s flash.  Hopefully, fans also recognize his high assist-to-turnover ratio and work as the starting point guard on the 2006 World Champion Miami Heat, too. 
  • Lots of great stuff from the HoopsVibe family. So lets get it going:
  • He is bold. He is brash. He speaks his mind. I love it. John Nguyen’s latest looks at the Ben Gordon saga. ‘JN’ also provides some interesting facts on Chicago owner Jerry Reinsdorf (took me back to Sam Smith’s Jordan Rules). Bookmark Flagrant Foul and check-in regularly. One more thing: his blog, his choice not to put up a picture.
  • Who knew one simple WNBA update could cause such a stir?  Well, our own Chris Sells caused it with this. For more of Sells’ superb work check out Overdribbling.

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