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Allen Iverson not The Answer for Charlotte Bobcats

Allen Iverson not The Answer for Charlotte BobcatsAllen Iverson needed a ‘Just Visiting’ sign.

The former MVP recently set off the rumour mill when appearing in Charlotte on personal business unrelated to basketball. Hoop heads immediately linked the high scoring guard, who becomes an unrestricted free agent in July, to the up-and-coming Bobcats.

On some level, this appears a fit. The former MVP has a relationship with coach Larry Brown from their days in Philadelphia. And Iverson, even on the downside of his career, could theoretically sell tickets in Charlotte.

However, GM Rod Higgins was quick to dismiss the visit saying “I’ve never seen him here” and “if he’s here, it has nothing to do with us” (Charlotte Observer via CNN SI).  

Hopefully, this is a sign. And the club realizes ‘The Answer’ is wrong for Charlotte and pass on his services. Here’s why:

After years of being a league outpost, the Bobcats finally gained an identity down the stretch as a balanced club. Say what you like about nomad sideline boss Brown, but Mr. ‘Play the Right Way’ obviously helped Gerald Wallace, Emeka Okafor and others develop.

Iverson would kill momentum. After all, he still views himself as a first option, which means unlimited shots and touches. This isn’t 2001. Iverson, despite posting numbers, struggled to win in Denver, while Detroit was a disaster. His shot-first style would disrupt the progress of this young team.

Money will also be an issue. The small market Bobcats are notoriously thrifty and their owner, BET founder Bob Johnson, hoards his 106 and Park fortune. With the salary cap likely decreasing and Charlotte’s corporate community suffering from the economic downturn, re-signing Ray Felton will be difficult.

Of course, Iverson will likely demand top dollars because he believes this will help re-establish his star status. But Johnson and minority owner Michael Jordan will not offer anything near a max contract. The mid level exception would be a stretch.

Fans should ignore the rumours. Iverson won’t end up in Charlotte.

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