Monday , Sep , 21 , 2009 Oly Sandor

Best of The Web: Marco Belinelli’s role in Toronto, Stephen Curry’s thoughts about Golden State, and 10 successors to former Lakers great Elgin Baylor

Will Belinelli live up to the hype in ‘Euro’ friendly Toronto? … How will Curry work out in Golden State? … Who has followed in Baylor’s footsteps? … A look at the changes in Cleveland … And can Denver repeat last year’s success? All this and much more in a new edition of Best of the Web …

Best of The Web: Marco Belinelli's role in Toronto, Stephen Curry's thoughts about Golden State, and 10 successors to former Lakers great Elgin BaylorHoopsVibe The Blog semi-regularly drops a best-of-the-web feature with all the articles from the ’three dubyas’ you should be reading …

  • Raptors Republic believes Marco Belinelli will have a decent year in Toronto, but aren’t quite ready to anoint him super-sub status. I agree. The Raptors are a better fit than the Warriors. However, for now, the Italian is simply a depth player.  
  • Three Shades of Blue argues that Allen Iverson failed in Detroit because GM Joe Dumars acquired him only for his contract. Fair enough. The Answer was put in an impossible situation with a dysfunctional team. There is enough blame to go around.
  • Warriorsworld has details on a fan’s trade request. Simon Wells, the former president of the Tim Hardaway fan club and a long-time Golden State supporter, can no longer tolerate owner Chris Cohan. My advice for Wells: hang in there. Cohan could soon sell the club. 

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