Tuesday , Apr , 06 , 2010 Oly Sandor

Andray Blatche should learn from Ricky Davis, not imitate him

The devil missed an opportunity Sunday at the Verizon Center. After all, Andray Blatche would’ve sold his soul for one last rebound and the chance to notch an oh-so important triple-double.

Needing one board to hit ten, the Washington Wizards forward committed a bizarre foul, scolded teammate Cartier Martin for catching a ball that simply fell into his hands, and took an unnecessary and unsportsmanlike shot on the New Jersey Nets’ basket.

This, of course, occurred with seconds remaining and the Wizards, for once, comfortably ahead.

The only thing Blatche didn’t do to get his coveted statistic: pull a Ricky Davis and shoot at his own basket.

Years ago, Davis, needing one rebound for a triple-double, fired an intentional miss at his own basket and grabbed the rebound in the closing moments of a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz. Thankfully, DeShawn Stevenson, then with the Jazz, hit Davis with a hard, but somehow not hard enough, foul.

The incident is one many to follow ‘Slick Rick’, a talented yet undisciplined guard who has never reached his potential.

So Blatche kept his soul yesterday; however, he lost any respect teammates and coaches still had for him after refusing to re-enter a recent game against the Indiana Pacers.

Blatche should watch the clip of Davis closely. Hopefully, he realizes if he doesn’t change, if he doesn’t grow-up, he’ll follow in Davis’ footsteps and waste his god-given talent, too.

Got thoughts on Blatche’s quest for a triple-double? Is he a lost clause, like Davis, or can he recover to have a productive career? Photo courtesy of Cavs History.

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