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Kevin Garnett’s stupidity and suspension is Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis’ opportunity

The Quick Hit: Suddenly, there’s a ‘Need for Sheed’ and a ‘Big Baby’ better become a man.

As HoopsVibe’s News section reported, Kevin Garnett has been suspended for game two between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat for elbowing Quentin Richardson.

There has been much debate about Garnett’s intentions. Was he defending teammate Paul Pierce, who had been knocked to the floor on a Richards and Udonis Haslem trap? Or, was he seeking revenge for a two year old beef Pierce and the Celtics had with Richardson? 

One thing is clear: Garnett, whatever his intentions, exercised poor judgement and will miss tomorrow’s game. However, one man’s lack of control presents two men, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis, with a chance at redemption.

These underachieving forwards can make amends for months of sub par play, off court follies, and actually earn their salaries by having strong performances in game two. After all, this is why the green-and-white has Wallace and Davis.

In October, he predicted the Celtics would break the Chicago Bulls’ regular season record of 72 wins. This, unfortunately, was the highlight of Wallace’s season. After signing a two-year deal with Beantown for mid level exception money, he arrived at training camp so out of shape Cosmo Kramer and Maury Costanza wanted him as a spokesperson for their ‘brosierre’.

Simply put, Wallace must deliver in game two. Instead of settling for perimeter jumpers, he must establish himself down low and draw double teams. Defensively, the former All-Star must help and rotate.

Rather than pout over his broken hand and lost season (he injured himself in a drunken donnybrook with a ‘friend’ three days before the regular season), Davis would be wise to remember the 2009 playoff. The puffy post filled in admirably for Garnett and must rediscover that form for game two.

It’s ironic that Wallace and Davis have the task of rescuing Garnett. Wallace and Garnett have much in common. Both are talented. Both have won championships. And both are emotional. However, Wallace has always been panned by media and mainstream fans for his outbursts, while Garnett’s fiery disposition has always been seen as part of his legendary intensity.

Well, not this time. 

Just over a year ago, Garnett made Davis cry by publicly berating him for losing focus in a regular season game versus the Portland Trail Blazers. Clearly, the tables have turned. On Monday night, Davis will have to make up for Garnett losing focus and getting suspended. Hopefully, Garnett eats some crow in the locker room, which would bring this reportedly fractured team together.

Without Garnett, the spotlight is there for Wallace and/or Davis. Will they rise to the occasion and take it?

How will Sheed and Big Baby perform in game two? Get at us in the comment box below and return to HoopsVibe The Blog for more NBA tidbits. Photo courtesy of therob006.

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