Friday , Apr , 23 , 2010 Oly Sandor

Nomad Strikes Again: Is Larry Brown’s uncertain future distracting Charlotte Bobcats?

The Quick Hit: He’s a renowned nomad.

Coach Larry Brown has always operated with one foot on the bench of his current team and the other foot in the NBA’s tampering zone. Right or wrong, fair or not, the Hall of Fame sideline boss, even when under contract, is always seeking his next job.


For instance, he walked on the Philadelphia 76ers after allegedly striking a backroom, wink-wink deal with the Detroit Pistons. Of course, he then sabotaged the Pistons’ 2005 playoff run when word broke he was negotiating a five-year, $50 million contract with the New York Knicks.


History is repeating itself with the Charlotte Bobcats. Brown, understandably, put out the employment feelers when it was reported businessman George Postolos would fire him and executive Michael Jordan if he struck a deal to purchase the club from BET founder and  Mr. 106 & Park Bob Johnson.

Well, Postolos didn’t get the team. Jordan did.  

Brown, to be fair, has publicly maintained that Charlotte will be his last coaching job. This, however, is a case of ‘The Coach Who Cried Wolf’. Nobody believes him. Not for a second. And he continues to be linked with jobs, ironically, in Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Clippers.

These flirtations could have consequences for Charlotte. This is the franchise’s first ever post-season appearance. A strong showing would help fans forgive-and-forget that the NBA rolled out the welcome mat for George Shinn to move their Hornets to New Orleans. And a strong showing would also help fans rediscover their love for pro hoops and forge that all important emotional connection to the latest reincarnation of their team.

So the stakes are huge. There’s no margin for error or room for a distraction -like their coach’s commitment to the team.

Unfortunately, the Bobcats have looked distracted through two games of their playoff series against the Orlando Magic. They’ve surrendered big leads early in the first quarter. They’ve been careless with the ball. And they’re down 0-2.

Thankfully, they’re returning to Charlotte for game three, where they posted an impressive 31-10 record. Of course, the chatter about Brown’s future will follow them, especially with the league’s off-season coaching carousel set to start.

Whether intentional or not, the nomad has struck again.

Is Brown’s uncertain future impacting Charlotte’s play against Orlando? Get at us in the comment box below. Photo courtesy of Van Johnson Photography.