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The Utah Jazz Just Can’t Beat Kobe’s Lakers

The Lakers outmuscled Deron Williams’ Jazz into submission by bringing out the brooms for a complete sweep. Laker fans are sitting pretty entering the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns, which the Lakers should not have any problems against. The Jazz, however, are looking down a well that leads to an abyss. What’s next?

Deron Williams: Best Point Guard in the League.
He thinks that he is. He’s probably correct depending on who you ask. The spot for top point is still a two man battle between him and a healthy Chris Paul. Think of the point guard battle as a long drive to Las Vegas in a four door Sedan – D. Wills is driving. Chris Paul is riding shotgun. The two will switch back and forth letting the other take breaks. Steve Nash is sitting in the back with Rajon Rondo. Derrick Rose gets the worst seat sitting in the middle. Williams is Utah’s franchise player and number one option. This position is locked down for the next 5 seasons. No need to worry. Just build a better team around him.

Carlos Boozer – The Verbal Agreement
Resign? Utah’s best interest is to not resign. There is a huge sample size of games that points to losing with Boozer. He is a good piece, but not a great piece. Booz barely plays any defense and the Lakers frontline showed that he is ineffective since he is undersized. These two qualities do not warrant a huge mega resigning with Booz. I don’t think a sign and trade is available, but if Utah management can get that done, do it. They have to get something back. The pieces are going to be mediocre, but that is better than nothing. Michael Beasley is not a Jerry Sloan type player either. I wouldn’t consider a Boozer sign and trade for him. David Lee is an interesting option, but he’s just like Boozer. Furthermore there’s a guy, Paul Millsap, waiting in the wings.

Andrei Kirilenko – Utah’s Best Defensive Player
AK 47 stays getting injured. Keep him despite that. He gets blocks and steals better than anyone else on the team. Andrei is a bit soft. That shouldn’t matter because good is good. There are fans who want to get rid of him. Please realize that defensive gems like AK 47 are difficult to find.

The Center Position
Mehmet Okur cannot be on the team any longer. Here’s hoping to Utah management realizing that the center has to be a tough grimy big man who lurks around the paint. If Utah can get some luck and lands a top 5 pick acquiring Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, or Cole Aldrich, they’re back in business. The big man does not have to be athletic. Instead, he has to be a tough guy always willing to rebound and protect the paint.

The Rest of the Cast:
Wesley Matthews is nice; better than Ronnie Brewer. Sundiata Gaines is a surprise. Kyle Korver is a good shooter off the bench. CJ Miles is good, too. Utah needs to add more defensive minded players to the bench.

2010 Free Agency – trades – Ignore the big names in the free agent market. Stay focused on getting defensive minded bench players with experience. Paul Millsap is a great player as a sixth man. Millsap is way undersized to be a full time starter. It’s too worrisome for Jazz fans to go through this again. The 2010 Draft is where the big difference will be hoping that a bigger man land on their laps.

This team might not be able to beat the Lakers next year if they meet again in the playoffs, but the series will not end up being a sweep. If Kobe or Pau Gasol somehow has some kind of dreadful injury that prevents them from playing then the Jazz might be able to pull it off. Do not bet on that though. The Jazz against Lakers thing is reminiscent of Michael Jordan eviscerating the Cleveland Cavaliers during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. The changes made didn’t mean anything. Jordan and Pippen kept on beating them regardless. Perhaps this can be applied here with Kobe and Pau.



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