Thursday , May , 13 , 2010 J.N.

Steve Nash’s Last Shot

A young kid entered war full of determination, grit, and gung ho. He doesn’t know much about anything since he sports the usual traits of youth – ignorance, naïveté, and innocence. Once this kid endures battle after battle, the fighting spirit gets worn down somewhere. The kid loses yet gets wiser with each step. He makes many mistakes. Some soldiers leave and disappear. The squadron is rebuilt with new warriors who mirror the kid before war. Some of them might be better and some will not.

The kid becomes a troubled desperate man.

He will gnaw, kick, and scream for everything to win. He is no longer oblivious and innocent. The team struggles to conquer the mountain and takes more losses, but they’re worth it. The squadron is following the kid who became the captain. He tells them to use the failures and label them as experience. Win the little battles and eventually they add up to winning the war despite fighting against the other overpowered army. They look unbeatable.

Can the captain leading Planet Orange finally defeat The Purple and Gold?

This is it. This is Steve Nash’s Last Shot. This is the last window of opportunity. The team is not as talented compared to previous incarnations. That’s fine. They finally arrived to the Western Conference Finals. Who expected them to be here? The captain has another war wound above the eye. It was a broken nose last time. The other best player has two bad knees and a bad eye. They are known as badges of courage.

The Los Angeles Lakers has everything around them. Kobe’s team outmatches the Phoenix Suns at the 2, 4, and 5 positions. Grant Hill and Ron Artest negate each other out. The only advantage that the Suns have is at the point guard spot. Steve Nash and Goran Dragic have to really run the opposing team to the ground.  “Push, push, push it down their throats” is what the captain should be yelling on the battlefield. When the team is down by 10 or 20 points, Steve Nash should be shouting, “Keep fighting.” Phoenix is fighting the good fight. They’re outmanned.

The captain has to make sure that every chamber is empty by the time the game ends. He also has to make sure that every other soldier has their chambers emptied. Nash will also say that if he sees a soldier giving up then he’ll put him out of his misery himself. Ride or die.

What’s the strategy? Channing Frye has to make sure he stretches the floor with his shooting. Amar’e Stoudemire has to be himself and keep attacking down low no matter what. Kobe does his usual 30 points. Place Grant Hill on Kobe instead of Jason Richardson. The shooters have to stay hot. Robin Lopez better be ready and become some kind of factor. The Lakers will try to force Nash into a scorer, pound the post, and slow down the game.

Suns are 3-9 against the Lakers in the past three seasons. Kobe’s squad is too much. This battle looks hopeless. Steve Nash and the team better make sure that their Last Shot is a great one because the captain can’t fight forever.



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