Sunday , May , 23 , 2010 J.N.

Carmelo Anthony shouldn’t resign with Denver.

The Denver Nuggets has immediately begun negotiations with Carmelo Anthony on an extension. With the talks surrounding the whereabouts of LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire, and others, Denver management ramped up their efforts to lock up Melo now and for the foreseeable future.

Melo should reconsider. I was eating some kick ass food at the World’s Famous “Dos Chinos” food truck, which is better than the Kogi truck, for you California heads and realized that the Nuggets, as currently constructed, cannot breakthrough to the NBA Finals. Even if they did reach the Western Conference Finals, Kobe Bryant’s Lakers will dispatch them anyway. That is a bold position to take, right? You might say that. Here’s why Carmelo should not resign an extension.

1 – George Karl
This man is fighting a courageous war against cancer, but people are not sure if the man is returning. Karl coaching them is good, but they’re not great. It’s not his fault. The team itself is not built on defense. There is a good chance that Karl is not returning for the long haul. Melo should realize that possibility.

2 – Chauncey Billups
The man is getting old. He is no longer a top 5 point guard in this league. While Billups is still good, he is not the same “good” as the Billups during the Detroit Pistons’ days. He is not a viable second option around Carmelo for the future. It is very difficult to find a legit second option to boot. Denver should try to find a second option right now in the 2010 Free Agent class, but I don’t think they can do it.

3 – JR Smith
Inconsistent. Erratic. He will never develop maturity and focus. I don’t know why people were hyping him. He’s not even a clear cut starter. Ben Gordon is better than him. Trade material.

4 – Nene Hilario
Passive aggressive. I agree with Charles Barkley with the “Nene” on the back of his jersey. He has not done anything to warrant the first name basis like Kobe and LeBron. He was crap throughout the Utah series. He’s also trade material. He demonstrated that he is very replaceable. Please realize that his 20 points and 10 rebounds comes once every five games. Good job, bro.

5 – Chris “Birdman” Andersen
The Birdman is cool on defense. He plays hard, but it’s time to part ways with this fan favorite. Do him a favor and put him on a championship contending team.

6 – Kenyon Martin
Where do I start? Dude is a hot mess.

7 – The Bench
They’re actually very solid with Ty Lawson and Aaron Afflalo. Renaldo Balkman is not good though. He’s really forgettable.

The team is like watching the movie “Dangerous Minds,” but without Michelle Pfeiffer. The Utah series was not a fluke. Denver is not good. They’re just interested in who got the roughest tattoo. It’s sad to have that image, but hey, whatever works.  That’s why Melo should not resign. Instead, he should go on and become a free agent in 2011. If he does resign with the Nuggets, good luck, but he owes it to himself to explore his options while the team figures out a new direction.

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