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The Chicago Bulls can haz LeBron, Bosh, and Phil Jackson, too?

This has been a wild month for the Chicago Bulls organization. The whispers of LeBron, Chris Bosh, and now Phil Jackson as head coach have been spreading around the NBA like wildfire. Can the unthinkable occur? How is this even possible? This is something that the rest of the league does not want to happen. The perfect storm might be brewing somewhere in the background of the conference finals. Many people’s feelings are getting hurt around the internet if you are not a Chicago Bulls fan. This team can possibly acquire Videogame James, CB4, and Phil Jackson?

No way. This can’t happen. This will not happen. This is utterly impossible. This is not the video game series NBA 2K where you can force trades and go over the salary cap with reckless abandon.

Or can this possibly occur in reality?

I’ve been extremely harsh on owner Jerry Reinsdorf with his frugal ways and interference with basketball decisions. Please realize that he played within the rules and didn’t try to overpay for a team like the New York Knicks during the Isiah Thomas era. He also did not have a player gift wrapped in a trade like the Los Angeles Lakers received with Pau Gasol at the time. Reinsdorf and his team also didn’t try to build a team around “has been” players like the Cleveland Cavaliers did around LeBron. Chicago will never offer any player with stocks, roster spots for any entourage member, lap dances, parade, or anything superfluous. Chicago doesn’t have sunny beaches or Jay Z. The only thing the Bulls can offer is the possibility of a dynasty winning multiple titles.

And Jerry Reinsdorf will definitely go over the luxury tax to build it when the time is right.

Even though he’s frugal (and for good reason), he will pay when it counts. This is the same penny pinching man who paid Michael Jordan $30+ million for one season. The contract is still the highest on record adjusted with inflation. He made Phil Jackson the highest paid coach at the time, too. Management knows that the quality of talent found in the 2010 Free Agent class will never happen again for a very long time. Jerry Reinsdorf showed his cards.

It is now time to go all in.

He will offer LeBron James the max deal of course. That’s not a problem. Chris Bosh wants his max 6 year deal. The Bulls do have assets to make way for that through a sign and trade involving Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, James Johnson, and future picks. This is possible because they do have the assets. Let’s not pretend they do not have them. However, they will not give up Joakim Noah in any trade. That has already been made public. Take that with a grain of salt, too.

Phil Jackson did admit that he had secret ninja talks with Bulls management somewhere. Perhaps the talks were fielded by runners. I highly doubt they met in person because David Stern would raise hell. Opposing general managers and executives are acting that LeBron James is close to signing on with Chicago during the NBA Combine. I don’t know why they are acting that way. I do not think that LeBron will become a Bull. There is nothing to worry about for opposing teams, but the possibility is there. It is scary to think about, no?

Let’s examine the situation at different angles. It is possible that the Zen master is using the Chicago Bulls as leverage to prevent a big hit on his paycheck. Lakers front office is low balling him. He is getting paid $12 million right now. Next year, that can be $5 million.

Or Reinsdorf asked him to come back because LeBreezy is almost in Chicago.

I only see 3 possibilities for the Zen next year – Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, or retirement.
1 – Lakers – Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Jeanie Buss
2 – Bulls – LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and Joakim Noah
3 – Retirement – 10 rings. 65 years old.

The Bulls will have to throw in more daughters than what Jerry Buss has to sweeten the deal – just kidding.  The fans should be rewarded for supporting the team through the abysmal years after Jordan. The team still sold out while fielding a team with Randy Brown, Toni Kukoc, and Elton Brand. They’re happy just to land Chris Bosh. The hardcore fan base has had enough of this Joe Johnson crap, which was pushed for possible disappointment in case of not landing a big time FA. If they get LeBreezy, then management made up for all the mistakes after the Jordan era such as letting Ben Gordon go without anything in return, gambling on Tyson Chandler – Eddy Curry, The Ben Wallace debacle, getting rid of John Salmons and Tyrus Thomas for virtually nothing, the Pau Gasol failure, and Tie-Gate.

Is it possible for them to land Bron, Bosh, and Jackson? Yes. Highly unlikely, but yes. It doesn’t matter where LeBron plays. It’s all about dominating Asia. The only way to make that big time Asia revenue is to win championships immediately. For all the fans out there of any team, ask yourself, "Is the team a talented young playoff team BEFORE LeBron enters the fray and becomes captain?" That question eliminates a lot of teams in the running. 

Will it actually happen? Doubt it, but the perfect storm is brewing. Reinsdorf, John Paxson, and Gar Forman better do what Metallica once preached and that is to “ride the lightning” the best they can.


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