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Word to NBA executives: Don’t chase after Dwyane Wade in free agency.

Yes. I said it. NBA general managers will be wasting their time chasing superstar guard Dwyane Wade. If you are still planning to pursue the man, it is not good if he is the number one option for any ball club, besides Miami, among others in the talent pool this summer. For a while there, he was the secret real prize. However, things change with time. Today, he is not the number-one grand prize as believed before and here’s why.

The man is very loyal to everything including to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat organization. There are numerous sex parties and Gabrielle Union. What kind of man would give that up? Other cities can offer illegal prostitution, but Miami can keep that stuff very hot and exotic. A loyal humble man never gives that up. Seriously. The sunny beaches, tan lines, and hot curves of numerous women are all vices that a mere mortal can never turn away. We’re not strong like that.  

Wade will resign with the Miami Heat in a max contract deal because he is that loyal. He’s not going anywhere. There is nothing to worry about, Heat fans. Yeah, I agree that Wade has not said publicly, “I am a Miami Heat forever and will sign on day one.” It is disappointing that he hasn’t done that from the very beginning so that people do not question his loyalty, but he is extremely loyal. Wade is going to sign the deal and will not explore other options.

So what’s up with Dwyane Wade leading the charge gathering in a group meeting with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Joe Johnson? What’s up with that?

"A lot of decisions [will be based on] what other players are willing to do and what other guys want to do. So it’s not just a ‘me’ situation here. We all have to look and see what each other is thinking." – Dwyane Wade to Chicago Tribune

General Managers, executives, and fans alike (especially Heat fans) – ask, “Why the hell does Wade even care where the other players end up?” He is a loyal man. Why would a loyal man care about anyone else not on the Miami Heat roster?


The big time free agent summit meeting serves two things. First – Wade realizes that the Miami Heat roster is crap besides him. He needs another superstar, like LeBron or Bosh or Joe Johnson, to back him up. Use that power to persuade them that sex parties in Miami does not cause sexually transmitted diseases. Two – To let them know that Michael Beasley is still Super Cool and Miami is the new Mecca of basketball.

Is Wade leaving if no superstar shows up on July 8, 2010? No way. He’s too loyal. I can’t picture him questioning another team’s loyalty unless they are a serious threat. Besides that, the rest of the league should not pursue him because it’s already set in stone that he is a Heat for life. If anything, why isn’t he questioning Pat Riley’s loyalty? Stan Van Gundy and (perhaps) Erik Spoelstra should make a cameo.  

Do not waste your time chasing Wade. You cannot build a team around a man who is turning 29 in January 2011. If only he just turned 25 then you still have a chance. He’s a great player, but Miami fans have nothing to worry about.

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