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Here’s why Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker are great for New York Knicks.

The two men have openly stated that they would like to play for the New York Knicks. I do not know why the New York media machine has opened their playbooks for the world to see in acquiring potential future employee number 6. While I admire their ways of applying their resources to the test for these free agents, one has to ponder that they’re probably going after the wrong guys.

Let’s be real. This is no secret – San Antonio Spurs’ star point guard Tony Parker welcomes a trade to New York. He’s probably looking for a max money deal, but at this point in his career, many people beg to differ. Also, Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn and played at Syracuse. No one should have any doubts that he dreamed of being a Knick. He’d like to play for the Knicks as well. Both men wouldn’t mind playing in the Big Apple. Why are the Knicks publicizing their moves for Chris Bosh and the guy from Akron?

New York actually has a better chance of signing Carmelo Anthony outright in 2011 and acquiring Tony Parker through a trade than landing any player in the 2010 Free Agent class besides Carlos Boozer and Joe Johnson. Not many are high on Joe especially after his dreadful second round playoff performance as a member of the Atlanta Hawks against the Orlando Magic. He’s there for the taking, Knicks fans. Obviously New York management is aiming for the obvious big names, but Joe Johnson is the most realistic.

As for Carlos Boozer, he is a legit mercenary willing to play for the highest bidder. He doesn’t give a damn about loyalty unless he was Dwyane Wade who is becoming the Loyalty Super Hero recently. The Booz is better than David Lee because he has a lot of playoff experience and they’re roughly the same age.

Real killers move in silence so I don’t understand why it’s worth it to publicize the moves you’re trying to make. Why? Every other person will have ways to counter that easily. It’s in their best interests to just keep the plan (as well as the mouth) shut and top secret to only a select trusted few. With the money that general manager Donnie Walsh cleared out, isn’t it better to allocate that to 4-5 solid guys with solid playoff experience instead of two? The reason I bring this up is because the Knicks seem like they are putting all of their stuff into one basket, which is acquiring the L-Train.

What happens if that fails? New York City is great. The New York Knicks roster, on the other hand, is terrible except for The Cock.  Let’s pretend that “The Chosen One” is on the team. Then what? Does Chris Bosh really follow him? Why? I don’t understand the rationale that Bosh automatically follows Akron’s Finest. Really? Seriously?

Outsiders will look at the roster like this:
PG –Crap/Crap
SG – Crap/Crap
SF – L-Train/Crap
PF – The Cock/Crap
C – Bosh/Crap

This is a playoff team, but not a contender. If one of Bosh or The Chosen One goes down with a severe injury, it’s goodbye Broadway. I’m not saying that New York should settle for seconds, but putting all your nuts into the L-Train basket (pun intended) is foolish. If Melo doesn’t agree to an extension with Denver then Knicks have a 75% shot at getting him in 2011. Getting Tony Parker through a trade is higher than getting the kid from Akron, too. Knicks roster would have Melo, Tony Parker, Boozer, and/or Joe Johnson realistically for the 2011-2012 season and beyond. The other pieces would probably involve the precious Toney Douglas and Gallinari in the rotation.

That’s a dangerous team.

New York not landing player number 6 shouldn’t be the end all for the Knicks. You’ll be fine with or without him. Just think Joe Johnson + Tony Parker will also net your Carmelo Anthony. Carlos Boozer can be acquired, too.  That’s hell of a lot more lethal than The King + Bosh.  The real prize is definitely Melo.

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