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Phil Jackson never loses after winning game one. Vol. 47-0

The Los Angeles Lakers crushed the Boston Celtics in the first game of the NBA Finals, 102-89. Kobe Bryant cleaned up with 30 points on 10-22 shooting (1-2 from three, 9-10 from the line) to go with 7 boards, 6 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, and 4 turnovers. Pau Gasol produced 23 points on 8-14 shooting (7-10 from the line) to go with 14 boards (8 offensive), 3 assists, 1 steal, 3 blocks, and 3 turnovers. At one point, the Lakers were up by 20. The most alarming stat is Phil Jackson’s 47-0 perfect record when he leads his team to a game one victory. Wow.

The game was out of reach after the first quarter. Boston did control the pace from the beginning, but did not show the energy and hustle that the Lakers brought. The Purple and Gold bullied the Green Machine. It’s the NBA F’N Finals! Wake up Boston. They can’t be churning games like this. Since Phil Jackson is perfect after winning first games, the Celtics should just go home. Give the rings to the Lakers. The series are over. There is nothing to see.

And it’s just game one. Lakers got this already?

Kobe Bryant – They better send more help defense to slow down this guy. He rarely settled for anything. He attacked and attacked. He also came up with some hockey assists. Doc Rivers and future head coach Tom Thibodeau will come up with some adjustments on defense for that.

Pau Gasol – He made Kevin Garnett look like trash. Where was this patented “intensity” from Garnett? Was I right about him being soft? KG’s performance was a flat out humiliation even for him.  3 rebounds? Are you for real? 3 F’N rebounds. Wow. Kev looked like Amar’e, but without the scoring as well.

Boston’s defense was hilarious. I guarantee you one thing – the Celts learned from this. They cannot win games without energy and hustle. Those elements have to be there. The Green Machine lost because they were beaten on the glass, KG played like a punk, and Ray Allen got into foul trouble. They also did not manufacture second chance points. Don’t bet on these Celtics to play like that again.

MVP of game one goes to Kobe Bryant. You can make a case for Pau Gasol, but he played more minutes than Black Mamba.

The moment – Chris Rock getting into Kobe’s ear from the bench. Kobe ignored him staring at space. I wonder what Rock was saying. Did he mention something about Delonte banging LeBron’s mom? Or perhaps he was telling him about his latest film? Or perhaps he was telling Kobe that he will never be as great as MJ. Who knows. Shout outs to Chris Rock for trying. It didn’t work. I wonder what Kobe was thinking. Was he thinking about focus? Was he thinking about stats? Was he thinking about Michael Jordan being on the cover of NBA 2K11?

Shout outs to Adam Morrison cheering from the bench in street clothes. He was the x factor.

Hopefully game 2 will be a lot closer. Then again the Lakers already won the title.


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