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2010 NBA Finals Game 2 – Jesus Shuttlesworth sets a new record.

Black Jesus was en fuego. How did the Lakers’ defense let this man get hot like that? After game 1, you had to know that the Boston Celtics were not going to play like that again. Ray Allen lit up the NBA world with eight three pointers – NBA Finals record. The certified top 4 point guard in the league, Rajon Rondo, posted up a triple double: 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce played like trash, but the Celtics escaped LA with a win.

I’m going to get straight to the point. I do not want to hear complaints about the zebras especially from Laker fans. Straight up, I’m not co-signing that. The game was horribly called for both teams. Both teams, do you understand? The calls were fair for both sides. These post game comments from Laker homers about the refs are ridiculous.  Save them for the next game. There will be plenty of bitching to go around.

Here are some classic gems found after the game 2 loss exuding Laker fans confidence (names are changed for protection):

Nothing to worry about, series is tied. Boston has 3 games at home and we know they aren’t the best home team.

Lakers will have momentum. I’m sure they know that they’re now in deep trouble.

Relax man.

Lakers will def be up3-2 on the next 3 games away..

Relax we got this series. Boston had to win a must win game 2 because everyone know series is over if Lakers win game 2.

I am confident that we can take 2 in boston. Kobe can do me from behind any time. Game 3 is ours.
edit: anyone hear pierce’s #%*#$ +*@ say "oh yeah, we ain’t coming back to LA". dude is a herb

I’m hungover. We got this tho. But for the most part, barring any lack of heart not to show up, I’m confident the Lakers still have control of this series.

I’m proud to say I haven’t posted jack sh*t on that board since the days before the series started. I have no need to because no one their is astute of the game, nothing but cheerleading and revisionist history is all they regurgitate. I hate everything about them.

Fuck the refs!

there is no point this game was rigged like I said in this thread I’m not a conspiracy theorist but when you go and review something and still get it wrong it’s either your blind or you have a personal agenda and Celtic  fans can say whatever they want there opinion doesn’t mean s h i t bunch of bandwagon fans over there

Profound (responds to KobeBeef)
You are such an insightful poster. Please keep it up.

Man get outta here with this bull sh*t garbage. You guys are a bunch of wussy’s and gloater’s. The Celtics  got critical calls that swayed the game in their favor. The Gasol/KG ball out of bound possession was clear as day off KG. Now you got guys here talking about "54 inch TV’s" and because of that it gives him a clear cut advantage nobody else has……………..BULL SH*T. This is the stuff I’m harping on with you Celtic poster……….utter retardation and analysis.

After a loss, the fans resort to high fiving each other for quality posts eh? Kobe’s Lakers played tough until the very end. I respect that, but also Ray Allen set a new record. Give the man his props. Lamar Odom has to produce impact for game 3. He’s been Mister Transparent for the first 2 games. Boston Celtics’ fans are not all that either. Don’t show up gloating after a win. Yet it’s understandable that emotions run high because the title is on the line. The zebras are bad and we get that. They’ll always be bad. This is disgusting when fans have to resort to using the refs as scapegoats. The Pau Gasol-KG miscall was blatant. I understand that. As for the rest of the calls, who cares? They were bad yet fair for both sides.

On to the next adventure that is game 3. Let emotions ring!

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