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2010 NBA Finals Game 3 – Paul Pierce is going back to Los Angeles.

Paul Pierce should have never opened his mouth towards the end of game 2. The Celtics have to pull an LL Cool J by headin’ back to Cali stylin’ and profilin.’ The game was embarrassing for P-Squared. He was to be out done by Ray Allen. He was scorching hot in game 2. He played like a bumbling idiot in game 3. Ray Ray couldn’t hit any type of shot out there. 0-13? That’s bloody awful especially in the NBA Finals at home. I thought he was entering John Starks’ level. I was wrong. He went beyond that.  

The abysmal shooting display was amazing to see because it is awesome to see opposite ends of the spectrum. Life is like that – easy come easy go. Ray Allen got similar looks he saw in game 2. He just did not have enough lift. Did he cost Boston the game? No. Was he a major cause in the loss? Yes. Allen has the best touch in the game, but games like these demonstrate why he cannot be relied on.

Paul Pierce has problems keeping that mouth in check. It’s the same story. Gilbert Arenas once claimed that he would score an incredible amount of points against Portland and that didn’t happen. Pierce needs to shut up and concentrate. His game has appeared on the back of milk cartons.

Boston doesn’t need many adjustments. They are fine they way they are. The players just have to knock down shots and the rebounding has to be more aggressive. Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett were too lackadaisical in securing the ball. What’s up with the half assed tip drill? Grabbing boards with one hand is not cutting it either. These things add up to lack of hustle. The Lakers got a few offensive rebounds because of that. They add up.

Kobe Bryant played okay with 29 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks. He shot terribly from the field with 10-29. From 3 point land, he was awful going 1-8. Pau Gasol was mediocre. He should have gotten more touches, but Kobe started to hog the shots again. Admit it, 29 points from 29 attempts is bad. It’s embarrassing that Derek Fisher was the one who played like Mike Jordan in the 4th saving both of their ass. Shout outs to Andrew Bynum for gutting through the pain. Lakers would be down 3-1 if he was not playing. Not only is he playing, but producing as well. Lamar Odom finally showed up. Welcome to the NBA Finals, man.

The Celtics lost the game after the first quarter. The Lakers’ offense, especially in the third quarter, was quite worrisome.

Ron Artest is doing a fine job on Pierce. He’s going all out on defense without having to produce offense since Kobe, Gasol, and Derek Fisher got that under control.

I have to say something about the referees. They are getting more mention with their terrible calls. They are becoming as bad as a distraction as LeBron James’ free agency. Get better, refs. You guys are ruining the series.

If Kobe Bryant shoots like that for rest of the Finals, Lakers have a great shot at losing. Derek Fisher will not bail out the Lakers like that again. One more thing: Garnett should tell Pierce to shut up and ball. That is all.

On to game 4!


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