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2010 NBA Finals Game 4 – Pierce punches ref’s face and Big Baby is good.

Come on Los Angeles. You’re better than this. Shout outs to Shrek and Donkey AKA Big Baby Glen Davis and Nate Robinson.  They stepped up when it mattered. Davis added 18 points and Nasty Nate provided 12 points. Lamar Odom disappeared as usual with 10 points in nearly 40 minutes of game time. Andrew Bynum could not get his game going, which resulted in Phil Jackson yanking him out early. The nagging injury is really affecting him.

The series is tied up at 2 games per team. The games have been hard fought with neither team barely giving up anything easy. The game 4 victory for Boston was difficult to obtain. There will be times where the starters cannot get it done, which leads to the coach utilizing all resources everywhere. The bench came through and that’s how that should be done. Boston’s victory demonstrated that their bench is stronger than the Los Angeles Lakers. Glen Davis, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace, and Tony Allen have to produce again like that to win the title.  

The Lakers’ bench pretty much consists of Lamar Odom. It would be a bonus if Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar can produce something meaningful. If Bynum cannot stay in long for game 5 then the Purple and Gold is in trouble. They can go back to Los Angeles 3-2 in this series.

After the triple double performance in game 2, Rajon Rondo has vanished, too. He only had 3 assists. 10 points on 5-15 shooting is horrible. Rondo better pick up his game. The Celtics usually get a win when Rondo gets 10+ assists. That was proved wrong in game 4.

Ron Artest has to put in work on the offensive end somewhere although his jumper stays broken. The physical defense is good, but he can score, too. It’s like Laker fans gave him a pass on that. I’m not. He’s a proven near 20+ points per game scorer. Show it please. Artest got in 42 game time minutes and mustered up only 9 points. Yeah. 9 points. Awful.

The most troubling is Kobe Bryant. That’s right. Why isn’t he producing in the 4th quarter? We haven’t seen anything where he’s taken over. Committing 7 turnovers is bloody disgusting for the best player in the game especially in the Finals. He’s also shooting 40% from the field. Kobe shot 10-22 in game 4. Lakers will lose when Black Mamba shoots like that. I’ve stated that before. He played even worse than game 3 because he gave up the ball 7 times combined with bad shooting. We better see a big showing for game 5.

Memorable moment of game 4:
Paul Pierce punches referee on the face during celebration. The refs had that coming. It was a message. The Punch was meant to happen. Pierce did that for all basketball fans across the world. Appreciate that. Was it accidental? Yes, let’s stick with that story. The universe settles the score once again. He’s about that action.



On to game 5!

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