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Kobe Bryant brought heart and fire. Can’t do it alone! Vol. 2010 Game 5 NBA Finals

This is another episode in the long series called, “Can anybody other than Kobe score?” In the game 5 episode called, “The one where Kobe gets hot in the 3rd quarter,” Pau Gasol still has not shed the “soft” label. Ron Artest’s offense is crappy. People will make excuses for him not being familiar with the triangle offense. That is crap. Man up. This is the Finals. Boston’s defense is just that good to make him look dazed and confused.

The Laker bigs are not stepping up. The usual three headed monsters of Pau, Bynum, and Odom are turning into mental midgets. They cannot handle an intense physical series.  Be real. Lakers faced nice teams, such as Oklahoma City, Utah Jazz, and Phoenix Suns, before running into the dreaded green men from the East. The Laker big men trio proved that they’re soft. One is still scared of Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins. The other can’t stay healthy and the last one disappears. They cannot even get a grip on Big Baby Glen Davis. That says a lot. The Lakers simply lost the frontline battle.

In game 5, the Lakers defense let the Boston Celtics get free layups all day. Did the Celtics take the Lakers’ heart?

No. Lakers did not bring any heart worth taking.

The two men, who brought the goods for the Lakers, which is Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher, cannot sustain that type of performance against an entire team. Where is the help?

Bryant was spectacular in the 3rd. He was trying to take over, but the effort was futile. Everybody else played like shit. Real talk. Why are the Lakers playing scared? I don’t get it. I was asking the entire time, “Kobe can’t do this alone. Where is his Pippen?” I looked right at Gasol. He did not do anything. This guy earlier in the season was bitching about Kobe Bryant’s ways. It’s pathetic that Pau complained, but when the time counts, he becomes irrelevant.

This team looks like the same old 2008 Lakers. Barely anything has changed except for experience. After game 5 in the locker room, Kobe demanded someone to ride or die with him. The only man who can do that is Derek Fisher, but physically he’s too old to keep up. He basically has no one.  The game 3 fourth quarter heroics were enough for Fisher. Kobe is alone again.

Boston’s team effort on defense is too much. What can the Lakers do? There’s nothing.

Rajon Rondo had a “meh” performance because of the 7 turnovers. He escaped with the victory because the rest of the team backed him up – something that Kobe does not have. However, Rondo did have the play of the game with the tip in. That play alone shows that the Lakers frontline is putrid.

Laker fans are still confident in taking game 6 and 7. The time is ticking for Phil Jackson and company to make adjustments, but the trade deadline is long past gone to acquire players to bolster the defense.

Just remember that this Finals episode is showing everyone that TEAM >>>>>>>> BEST PLAYER.

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