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Kobe’s Lakers won the title. It’s over. Vol. 2010 NBA Finals game 6

What happened? The game was over when Kendrick Perkins got injured. The Lakers took their hearts. After Kobe questioned his teammates’ hearts, they proved that they had more than enough for game 6 in Los Angeles. Pau Gasol finished with a near triple double: 17 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, and 3 blocks. Derek Fisher didn’t need to do much. Kendrick Perkins is done. Rajon Rondo took a vicious elbow from Ron Artest that required stitches. The Lakers got this and Kobe got his 5th ring.

Even though the Lake Show blew the crap out of the Boston Celtics, the performance was not that overly impressive. I was expecting the Lakers to reach 100 points at the pace they were playing. Why not? It’s the Finals. Sweep the leg. No mercy. Oh hold up. They did that to Kendrick Perkins. My bad.

The game was in the bag at the half when they broke 50 and were up by 20. It was disconcerting to see them not break 90 points. In a dominating win, the Yellow squad shot 41.8% as a team. That was surprising to see. That’s the best the Lakers can do? They better play a lot better in game 7 than game 6.

Then again, what’s there to worry about? The Lakers got this. Kendrick Perkins is out. I see a ticker tape parade on Monday.

The same story occurred when either team wins – hustle. This is the winning ingredient. Rebounds, steals, second chance points, and bench play all spawn from that. The team that hustles the most wins. It’s that simple.

The Boston Celtics will have to unleash their ultimate weapon, Brian Scalabrine, to the world. He’s been sitting there pondering anecdotes and how he is different from Michael Rapaport. The Green team needs any type of production from anyone at this juncture. They’ll use Doc Rivers at point guard or Kevin McHale if they can. Larry Bird is too busy thinking about acquiring a true point guard for the Indiana Pacers to help out Danny Granger to even consider lacing up the bad boys one more time.

Laker fans are already chanting, “Buck Foston!”

The Shannon Brown dunks were incredible. They were so good that I had to question why didn’t he dunk like that in the dunk contest? Is he a better dunker than Derrick Rose?

The Kendrick Perkins injury is a huge blow. He’s their best big man defender. This was meant to happen because he was one technical away from a suspension. The basketball gods took him out instead. It’s better to go out this way than to fall victim to a technical. It’s more legit than arguing over a call. Andrew Bynum has not been a factor either, but he will in game 7.

The Lakers will have to play like they did in game 6 and hope Boston plays the same way they did. Every single healthy player on Boston has to show up playing at their best. Laker fans are expecting an easy game 7 victory. They are anxiously waiting for another blowout and mooning the cops in a riot. Congrats.

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