Thursday , Jul , 15 , 2010 J.N.

2011 Lockout – Hard cap for the NBA?

When Chris Paul announced at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding that he wanted to create his own super team in front of LeBron James, it’s time start cracking down on fools. The Miami Super Team is good for competition to see where your team measures up, but this concept is awful for the rest of the NBA. Why are fools punking out of competition? These dudes are Charmin soft.  There is a good chance that a lockout is coming and the 2010 Free Agency Farce could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You know it was bad when teams were dumping role players by the wayside just like how the mafia dumps dead bodies into the ocean. They did that for cap space to land the big name players. When everything turned out to be a hoax, front offices had to scramble to “role player” universe to round out their rosters. This is when role players are becoming overpaid. The summer of 2010 magnifies the problems under the current CBA. I’m usually on the players’ side, but the Player’s Union better start to admit to these massive problems that have been plaguing the league for the past 10 years instead of sweeping them under the rug while claiming that owners have a lot of money.

The immediate problem that comes up is disparity.

There haven’t been many different teams that won the title over the past 25 years. The big cities usually won with Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, Detroit, and Houston. One time teams such as Miami do not come around often, but Miami’s Super Team is a potential dynasty that is really a danger for the league. Why? Small teams, such as Indiana, Minnesota, Sacramento, and Charlotte, get discouraged to compete against big cities and super squads. The NBA definitely needs more parity.

How does the NBA gain parity while addressing problems concerning individual contracts?

1. Put in a hard cap. Look at the books and figure out the final number. Harder to maintain a dynasty. No super teams unless player is willing to take pay cuts, which isn’t the norm anyway.
2. Get rid of 100% guaranteed contracts. Use “partially” guaranteed contracts up to a certain percentage.
3. Use incentives to reward a player with individual achievements earned throughout the season. This weed out players from becoming lazy while still getting a lot of money. Hard working players would never get underpaid.
4. High school graduates must have 2 years of college before breaking it into the pros. International players have to be at least 20 years old to have eligibility to enter NBA.
5. Undrafted players must enter D-League for a year.
6. Guarantee a certain percentage of revenues to player
7. Eliminate restricted free agency
8. Adopt the NFL’s “Franchise Player” tag. Teams are only allowed one. This is the substitute for RFA. If player is tagged and traded, team that traded away franchise player is guaranteed a first round pick from the other team.
9. Contracts can only be 4 year max except “Franchise Player” can have 5 year max contracts.  
10. No limit on a single player’s contract. Spend wisely.

Some of the suggestions need more tweaking, but I hope you get the picture. This promotes player movement, busier offseason, faster team rebuilds, and every small city team can compete for titles. Organizations can still have dynasties, but they’re forced to be smarter. Hell, small cities are able to have dynasties. They’re no longer regulated to big markets. When small markets can’t compete, they will not invest money into the product. The NBA loses fans, too. That’s bad.

The ideas presented are radical, but they do the job while promoting balance. Super Teams can be had, but players are forced to take sizable pay cuts. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh took pay cuts to be together. The problem is that each of them is still getting paid a hundred million dollars in the end. I didn’t notice a pay cut. Did you?

Ultimately, the Player’s Union would never agree to most of this. They love the current system. It’s too bad that the current system sucks for fans and the NBA. Do not mess up the game, fellas.


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