Thursday , Jul , 22 , 2010 J.N.

Today’s NBA is officially known as “The Soft Super Team Era.”

What an amazing, but terrible turn of events. For anyone who witnessed the 1970s-1990s of NBA basketball, the fans truly witnessed tough smash mouth basketball. They just do not build them like they used to anymore. Sounds like a disenchanted old timer eh? That old timer has many great points that anyone under 26 years old cannot see. They’ll write off the old timer as “blah blah blah.” Give that old man a chance to explain himself. Sit there and think about it. Then examine the landscape of the NBA. You’ll probably see it if you try hard enough.

I sat around for the past few days observing how the NBA universe is finishing off the 2010 Free Agency Farce. The ramifications of what whatshisface did left a lasting impact. Chris Paul has followed his lead and made demands to be traded to the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, or New York Knicks. The New Orleans Hornets has done nothing to field a competitive team. While I understand the notion to win, the young cats today want the easier way out by joining friends who are really good. No one wants to compete anymore. Nobody wants to earn it the hard way. The fans of the game say it better than me. I’ll let them talk about this with memorable posts found all over the internet.

–    Did Miami player number 6 ruin free agency?

–    good stuff lebron. way to make the league better. we gonna have players begging to be traded to stacked teams and planning years in advance to play with each other. it’s either that or rot away with no chance of winning.

–    If I’m NO I trade CP to T.O. its either you’re going to swallow your +++!%@$ pride and play for us or you’re getting your money taxed twice. You’re pick. Not about about extort me to get out of your contract. Sorry Bro. See If He’s Really About That Life.

–    but they JUST seen LBJ basically decimate a franchise. If CP3 doesn’t want to be there then he WILL leave and they get nothing. The longer they keep him, the less they are going to be able to get. Trade him and Okafor to LA for Bynum, LO and Luke/Sasha.

–    New Orleans knows they don’t have a chance in winning. But once CP3 leaves…that team is nothing and fans won’t want to watch them…If he does bounce though it’s to the Knicks

–    Barkley, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, KG & Ray Allen DID NOT DO THE SAME THING as LeBron anybody who thinks this has only watched basketball for the last 7 years. Those guys were far past their prime.

–    Expect many more to follow. The era of the superteam is going to suck for a lot of fanbases, especially small market ones. Anyone else who leaves their team at this point isn’t a quitter, because LeBron started this whole trend and now its keep up or fall out, as far as chances at winning. Does anyone see the old traditional model of one star and one sidekick, and some good role players still having a legit chance with where the league is headed?

–    So I guess this is the era where superstars get criticized for not wanting to stick it out with losing teams.

–    how is wanting off of a team that is constantly cutting costs and making no moves in free agency make him a quitter lol?

–    How has Chris Paul quit though?

I mean until I see him sulking on the court, half assing it and not giving an F, bad mouthing his teammates and coaching staff in interviews and playing all aloof and strictly for stats, it’s not really quitting, it’s wanting a change of scenery and a legitimate chance at a title. He’s also seeming to be honest with ownership and privately asking out, he isn’t giving them false hope, nor is he publicly bringing down his trade value and holding the team hostage.

I’ve been sitting here the past few hours thinking about this paradigm shift. This is the end result – Grow some balls. Grow a pair of brass balls to bring your team out of the basement. Make your teammates better with the help of the coaching staff. Get some confidence. Let the basketball Gods figure it out instead of forcing the issue. Bunch of marshmallows.


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