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Memo to NBA: Is Chris Paul a quitter?

The latest trend of “leaving your team while you’re young” has taken Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets as its’ latest victim. A campaign spearheaded by LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Chris Paul is convinced that he needs to leave for another team to win because he does not have what LeBron has.  Get him teamed up with Carmelo Anthony and everything is gravy. It goes without saying that Chris Paul has no leverage. The whining and bitching is disgusting, but hilarious to examine.

We have to examine Chris Paul’s problem with the team. What is exactly wrong with it? They can’t compete for a title right now, correct?

Emeka Okafor – He’s not great, but not special either. Mek is basically an upgraded version of Buck Williams. Last season’s stats of 10.4 points and 9 rebounds made him worse than Chicago’s Joakim Noah. Obviously he peaked during his Charlotte Bobcats’ days and will not get any better.  Hornets’ brass better think of something better.

Darren Collison – This young buck is a great trade chip. When Chris Paul was out, Collison put up CP3-like numbers. 12.4 points and 5.7 assists are great numbers for a rookie backup point guard. Hornets are definitely thinking about trading him for a fringe All Star or depth. This is not rocket science. It’s very simple. Collison is too good to be tied down as a backup. Pick one: Chris Paul or Darren Collison?

David West – His PER is 20.93 and averaged 19 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3 assists. He’s a solid power forward and one of the most underrated players in the NBA. West is not quite Carlos Boozer or Chris Bosh, but he is good enough to be a third option on any contending team. On this squad, David West is the second option. That’s not a good thing. I definitely would not trade this guy. He is in his prime and has great chemistry with Paul. Leave him out in any trade unless the team is getting back an upgrade.

Peja Stojakovic – Peja remains a deadly shooter when healthy. The problem is his age and he can’t do anything else besides shoot. Stojakovic is now an expiring contract. Trade him immediately. It’s too bad Hornets haven’t done that.  The problem might be that he’s just a one year rental and that huge sum in his last year is just too much for any team to take. $14,256,000 is a lot of money.

James Posey – Old role player.

The rest of the team needs a lot of work. Although Chris Paul had plenty of nice things to say about the Hornets’ future, I’m betting he did not picture himself in it. What did Paul do after LeBron was talking in his ear? Go to the press to seek a trade. Head coach Monty Williams and general manager Dell Demps have plans on getting the team better. I’m sure of it. It just doesn’t seem like it is good enough because the best laid plans are empty promises. Michael Jordan was drafted to a shitty Chicago Bulls squad, remember? Dwight Howard was drafted to a shitty Orlando Magic team. Paul Pierce stayed through the terrible years and the basketball Gods rewarded him. Chris Paul has lost sight of this.

Let’s get some things straight. Chris Paul is not a free agent like LeBron, Bosh, and Wade.  The Hornets do not have to trade him. Let Paul sit in the corner with his arms crossing while sucking on a bottle. When Paul is healthy, the team is a legit playoff team. Look at the West now. They got weak with the East taking the talent. If I were him, stay. There is too much bitching and whining from the current crop of superstars.  I understand wanting to compete for a title. Who doesn’t? There is no need to go throw a tantrum as if to say “Look at what those guys did. They stacked the odds in their favor. Eff this. I want out. NOW!”

If I was management, trade him to the Charlotte Bobcats. Michael Jordan is waiting. Chris Paul to Orlando? I want Dwight Howard back in return. New York Knicks are touching themselves at the thought of a Chris Paul for Wilson Chandler and Big Cock Danilo Gallinari. A New York Knick revival led by Chris Paul and Amar’e Stoudemire duo is a wet dream.

He looks like a whiny little quitter. I can’t believe this. 

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