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The Charlotte Bobcats could be stuck in NBA Hell.

Michael Jordan’s franchise is stuck in a perpetual motion of doom. Defensively, the Bobcats are great. Overall, they are a mess with lottery picks given away in trades. Do they want a point guard or a center? Why not try to get both? The Bobcats never had a superstar. They were hoping that Emeka Okafor would become that guy, but that did not work out. They’re stuck with a team that is somewhat formulated just like the Detroit Pistons of 2004 considering that Larry Brown is there. Unfortunately, the team is not as good as Detroit.

So the common fan is left asking, “Do we really need a superstar?”

Yes! Of course you do! Every team needs a superstar. To win a playoff series in this league, you need at least one superstar and one All Star at 2 different positions.

That’s how bad the situation has become in Charlotte. Raymond Felton left, which leaves the team with a gaping hole at that position. DJ Augustin, with all due respect, will not be the guy at that spot. The team will suck even more with him as the starter. The team is aiming for Chris Paul just like any other team around the league. The Carmelo Anthony talks are in full swing, too. The New York Knicks are definitely in the running, but don’t underestimate Michael Jordan’s influence among the new generation of stars.

The Bobcats are currently built around Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson – neither are superstars. I wouldn’t put the entire farm into obtaining Christ Paul or Melo because Miami’s super team proves that nothing is worth risking it all especially when prearrangements were already made. Any free agent can play you for a sucker.

Tyrus Thomas – Hey Bobcat fans! He’s not worth holding on to. Trade him in a deal. Thomas is basically an energy guy off the bench that can jump and block shots. That’s it. The Chicago Bulls had hope for him, but at the 4th pick, he is a bust. That is why they traded him. I know you already know this and MJ has a lot of work ahead to get rid of this kid.

Methods on obtaining Chris Paul – This will take Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson for Chris Paul. Let the New Orleans Hornets have carte blanche on the entire roster.  Paul would be extremely nice to have, but the franchise is better off pursuing Darren Collison and James Posey. Give up DJ Augustin and Stephen Jackson for those two. Collison is more realistic since the time is right to do so; he’s a bench player after all. The New Orleans Hornets are looking to add talent around Paul as much as possible – not trade him, you twit. Nazr Mohammed in a trade involving Darren Collison is probably not good enough. I’m just saying…

If the Bobcats can somehow acquire Collison then he might be their star point guard. Christ Paul is too much of a pipe dream unless Michael Jordan can somehow convince Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Bobcats, too. If this any of this can’t be done, expect Charlotte to dwell in NBA hell for awhile gutting it out for the 8th-9th seed. I still can’t believe Tyrus Thomas was re-signed for 5 years, $40 million in a back loaded deal. What was Michael Jordan thinking? The team was probably desperate in keeping someone who resembled quality. I hope Tyrus eventually pays off because he didn’t in Chicago.


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