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Is Carmelo Anthony worth the trouble?

Denver, what are you doing? Why is he still on the team? Trade him already. He’s still there? Look. I understand that people are trying to team up with others to win. That is fine. Whatever. The people of Denver should not have to put up with a whiny person putting bounties on porn stars via Twitter on someone like Kat Stacks. That is not a class act. Then he goes around and says that his Twitter was hacked. Come on, man! Stop playing!

Melo obviously doesn’t give a crap about the Nuggets. Trade him or you’ll get nothing in return once he chooses to leave. Just do it. Do not question anything. He’s gone. Stop releasing statements saying that Melo is not available. The truth is he is! Management leaked that out to maintain some kind of trade value. Sorry, that did not work. We know the deal. We know the buzz around the league.

We know what Melo can do on the court. He’s a 25+ points per game and 7 rebounds player. Melo can score anywhere in anyway. Yes, Anthony is versatile. He is somewhat suspect on defense. The man is good in the playoffs. Through 45 games, he is having current career playoff averages of 24.7 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 3.0 assists. He helped the Nuggets get to the 2009 Western Conference Finals before being eliminated by the Lakers. He is a great player and his impact in the game is undeniable, but Melo is not a good leader. Chauncey Billups is the quiet leader of the Nuggets.  

Carmelo Anthony’s days in Denver are numbered. Here’s why he wants to leave:

  • Billups is too old now.
  • JR Smith is too busy choking unknown players who play him rough.
  • Nene Hilario believes that he has done plenty to have his first name on the back of the jersey. Take that, Charles Barkley!
  • The Birdman Chris Andersen is too busy getting inked up all over the place. We don’t know his race anymore.
  • Carmelo Anthony himself is trying to get closer to Kat Stacks. There’s no way she is flying out to Denver.
  • Kenyon Martin is still heated over someone stealing his car keys. The dude is not joking around.
  • Renaldo Balkman is Renaldo Balkman. He reminds everyone to “hustle harder” by inking that on his eyelids. How can Balkman even read that during practice? A memo on notepad would have been fine, Renaldo.

It was time to trade him when Melo placed that bounty on Kat Stacks. VP Masai Ujiri has a huge mountain ahead to convince the superstar to stay and not let the situation become a messy decision like the LeBron fiasco. Don’t trade him you say? Denver will get nothing in return. The Nets and Knicks are patiently waiting for him. Denver’s management better not expect to get a young budding star such as Brook Lopez or Tyreke Evans in a deal. The New York Knicks is open season except for Amar’e Stoudemire. The Washington Wizards is not a perfect place so trade him there to see him suffer.  John Wall and Kirk Hinrich are his saviors. The Nuggets can definitely get Gilbert Arenas in return. If Melo was smart enough, he makes major pushes to Houston – team up with Yao Ming, Aaron Brooks, and Luis Scola.

Who ultimately holds the power in this situation? No one. Denver has to face a terrible dilemma where every team doesn’t want to trade major pieces for a one year rental without a guarantee of re-signing. That’s how it is.

Is he worth the trouble?

NO. Unless you are the New York Knicks because Melo will definitely re-sign there.


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