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Minnesota Timberwolves remain as a Toyota.

The Wolves didn’t do much in the 2009-2010 season. They kept losing and lost Al Jefferson, too. Point guard Jonny Flynn had the chance to solidify the position for years to come, but made the fan base look forward to Ricky Rubio’s arrival. He had a solid rookie season with 13.5 points and 4.4 assists. That’s fine and dandy although the Wolves are looking for a star. They are not looking for fine and dandy.

The Wolves were so terrible that Al Jefferson said that it was “like moving from a Toyota to a Bentley” after he bolted to Utah. Shots fired. President of basketball operations, David Kahn, made matters worse during a summer league game commentating with Chris Webber. I wonder if he has some kind of vision. Someone grab the microphone away from him next time because it’s not a pretty sight.

Their win-loss record was 15-67.

Kevin Love: The lone bright spot.
Love has become the Wolves’ new star with Jefferson out of the way. He also cemented himself as one of the league’s consistent double-double machine with averages of 14.0 points and 11.0 rebounds. Then again, he only played in 60 games. The thing is he has to stay healthy and get in at least 75 games per season. The last thing this franchise needs is an injury prone player. He is on the FIBA squad and will be on the 2012 Olympic team unless Love is injured. Don’t be that sad, Wolves fans. Kevin Love will be your next All Star. Management did the right thing in getting rid of Al Jefferson.

Michael Beasley: The Problem Child.
He has to be on starting lineup somewhere as the small forward. Beasley is not a power forward at all. I don’t care what anyone says. The kid is a small forward, plain and simple. He’s just not mentally tough to handle the big man forward spot unless he magically eats spinach all time. Very young and extremely talented, Coach Kurt Rambis has to make use of the skills somewhere because Beasley is more than capable of averaging 17+ points and 7 rebounds. Beasley as a 6th man? That is possible to explore.

Wesley Johnson: Next Pippen?
No. Just no, ok? People are really going overboard with early comparisons. Johnson is just Johnson. The rookie. He is a kid who has to earn his stripes. He’s just Wesley Johnson. Now put down that crack pipe, please? Where does he fit on the starting lineup? Are you saying that the frontcourt will resemble this?
C – Kevin Love
PF – Michael Beasley
SF – Wesley Johnson

WTF is going on here? This seems like David Kahn loves to acquire talent, but doesn’t know how players mesh with each other. There are too many point guards and too many power forwards. This roster is a hot mess. Kevin Love cannot be playing center. That’s not his true position and he is going to be injured a lot. The front office will have to figure out what to do with Flynn in the future since he is not a pass first playmaking point guard. With Love, Beasley, and Johnson as offensive weapons, it would be a damn shame if the point guard cannot take advantage of that.

Final verdict: Team barely improves. They will remain the worst team in the NBA for 2010-2011. Under 20 wins. Where are you Ricky Rubio?

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