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At least the Golden State Warriors got David Lee.

G-State was terrible last year with a 26-56 record to even worse for the 2010-2011 season because they lost bench depth in Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Morrow, CJ Watson, Corey Maggette, Ronny Turiaf, and Anthony Randolph. Warriors replaced the losses with Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, Rodney Carney, Ekpe Udoh, and Dorrell Wright. David Lee is not quite Chris Webber, but he is definitely a known quantity.

There will be always conflicting opinions whether this team got worse or better. The diehard fans will usually side with the “better” side. They counter with “What the hell do you know blah blah blah” while the general consensus looks at the roster and proclaim, “Nothing impressive.” I’m in the “nothing impressive” camp. At first glance, this situation seems like Larry Riley sacrificed bench depth for David Lee: 15.5 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 55% shooting in 368 career games. Lee is a productive stat guy, but I’m not sure if he adds more wins. Make no mistake; he is definitely an upgrade over what they had.

However, the team’s ownership needed to change hands. That was very much needed.

Dumping Corey Maggette was their best move of the offseason. Losing Anthony Morrow, their best shooter, for almost practically nothing was sad. He is a bloody terrible defender so G-State actually gained some competent defenders back. Getting defenders back in return doesn’t mean squat when the philosophy from Don Nelson is all about offense. What is the new direction?

Let’s turn defensive players into offensive ones.

Is that the new direction? I can see it now. Gorgeous stat lines without any winning impact. Ah! Gotcha! Sweet! There is nothing much to say about Golden State. No one has to be a hardcore Warriors fan to see the severe weakness of the roster. The weakness is the usual “defense” problem. With that in mind, the team barely improved. They stayed the same despite having a fresh look roster. If David Lee was good on defense then the team drastically improved, but alas, that is not reality.

I’ll get burned at the stake for this. The players lost in the summer simply don’t matter. The team merely focuses on offense. Lee was the highlight. If they can turn Dorrell Wright into something very solid then the Warriors have something going. Andris Biedrins needs to stay healthy to help out on defense. Stephen Curry is steadily improving as evidenced with the FIBA selection. Monta Ellis remains the 2nd best scoring shooting guard in the West behind Kobe Bryant. 2010-2011 season for the Warriors should be considered another lame duck year unless most of the team starts to play defense on their own then sky is limit. 

There was a rumor that OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet was offered for Monta Ellis, but G-State turned that down. The Warriors are stupid if that’s true. Mayo actually plays some defense and can score as a good number 2 option while Thabeet is another defensive big that they could have utilized.

Final verdict: Golden State is 4th in the Pacific Division and will miss the playoffs yet again. Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, and David Lee light it up all season long. They’re great pickups in fantasy basketball. By the way, Jeremy Lin is cool with warming up the bench.


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