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Brandon Roy is already finished? Vol. Grant Hill/Penny

Portland. You guys need a good night’s sleep. Sleep? You guys need an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world preferably into Brandon Roy’s knees. No one can explain the pains that this franchise goes through. This is absolutely unexplainable. The Clippers have the karma because of David Sterling. Portland has a curse? Who did they screw over to get this dark voodoo? What was the organization in the past life? Were they the Raiders? Or Patriots? This is very unsettling for any outsider viewing what has transpired in Portland.

There is no reason to dwell about the franchise’s past. Not here. That is too harsh to even think about just like Southern Methodist University’s “Death Penalty.” There is no motive to bring up the obvious past miscues. Not here. It is 2011. This is time to live in the present and onward for the future. It is easy to call out the Portland fan base when they inherited Greg Oden after they got Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. I remember many bragging about a dynasty and boat loads of rings. Don’t lie. The fan base was bragging big time. I thought that was way too premature.

And here we are. The situation goes beyond statistics.

Brandon Roy is in indefinite hiatus and might be out for the entire season. His left knee is messed up big time. Meniscus transplantation? Wow. Good luck, Roy. He is no longer a superstar, or probably an All Star. The best case scenario is a starter playing at least 29 minutes a night. Don’t act stupid and act like Portland is not trying to shop him around quietly. They are, but they cannot expect much in return. The reasons I say this:
• life-long chronic knee problems
• huge undesirable contract  
• not reliable anymore
• whiner (see Andre Miller)
• Portland has a case of overrating their players.

Why did Portland sign him to a mega deal knowing about his knee? I do not understand this. Hopefully Rich Cho explains the rationale someday. Was it because if he didn’t sign Roy to a deal that he would be fired? That is completely stupid. The entire franchise is in one complete hell hole. People are questioning about the deal. People will not question if Portland didn’t want to offer an extension.  If I was Cho, I would have negotiated a lower deal instead of giving him the max (4 years, $83+ million plus 5th year player option) by outlining the reasons. Is it because they want to pay Roy for what he did for Portland? So what? These types of contracts are based on future projections, too. The future doesn’t look so hot.

Brandon Roy’s deal looks worse than Joe Johnson and Allan Houston. At least you can depend on those guys to play a lot of games. Portland cannot use him to the max like they used to without fear of messing him up. Money can’t buy peace of mind in this case.

I’m not telling what Portland fans should do. No. Not me. Fans can’t do anything anyway.

I’m suggesting some things for Rich Cho to think about. First off, the team revolves around LaMarcus Aldridge. He is the team’s franchise player. You already knew that. Keep Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews, and Rudy Fernandez. Everyone else can leave. That’s it. That is not a playoff team, but that core does not leave the franchise crippled either. That is the best they can do. I’m sitting here shaking my head. Again, I have to repeat – why did Portland sign Roy to a max deal knowing about the knees?


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