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CP3. Master of PER.

The “I’m from the future” NBA commercials are too creepy. They need to stop. Whoever came up with that idea should be beaten with a dirty used plunger. They were good in quality until the Chris Paul one came up. It looks like they stopped trying. It looks bloody awful. Where is the final edit? The rotoscope and green screen effect are horrible. I thought the NBA had money to polish that sucker up. Looks like they didn’t give a damn either. “Go get it, Chris.” If I was Paul, I would have told the guy to hop back into the damn time machine. Bring back Bill and Ted while he’s at it. Dude.

Paul does not look like the 2nd coming anymore. I have to stop calling him the point god. I have to. Please understand. Injuries do not affect a god. His numbers are down except for his efficiency. He’s currently number 2 in PER with 26.0. That’s cool, but if anyone really watched the games, looks like he is going through the motions. He crept back into the MVP race as a legit MVP candidate with some wins and tough team defense. The NBA League MVP Criteria will tell us what’s up.

A) The Stats – 49 games, 35.3 mpg, FG 0.485, 3P 0.455, FT 0.901, STL 2.6, BLK 0.1, REB 4.0, AST 9.7, PTS  16.7, PER 26.0
Paul is the master of PER. The number nerds are fapping to this stuff. I’ll break the bad news before you’re done – Paul’s stats, while good, are not great compared to 2009-2010 stats and pales in comparison to 2008-2009. The numbers show regression. That is bad. This hurts Paul. Why give the MVP to someone who regressed just going by the numbers? That doesn’t make any sense. However, the stats are still good enough to label him as a candidate. I am disappointed that he is not leading the league in assists.

B) Team record – 32-19. 0.627 win percentage. Currently 5th seed in Western Conference.
Nope. Not good enough to be MVP. You know the drill. The team has to be among the top 3. Paul has to lead the Hornets pass the Thunder and Lakers. Good luck.

C) Impact – He’s still awesome. A step slower? Yes. I didn’t expect the Hornets to be around here. I had them pegged lower. Good thing they play the games. Paul does the usual all around stuff. He does not score as much though. CP3 is mainly concerned with tempo and game management. Emeka Okafor, David West, and Trevor Ariza are his main offensive weapons. That’s amazing that the team is at the 5th spot. He is at 21 double-doubles earning his way back to MVP contention.

Chris Paul is consistent. He reminds me of Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours where Aron Ralston was stuck in the middle of nowhere. A boulder crushed his arm. He spent 5 days there examining his life where finally he was like “F this” and ripped his arm off to escape. Paul is in something similar where he thinks that he is stuck going nowhere. He examined his basketball career thus far and said “F this. I want out.”

Out of 100 split among 10 MVP candidates – 10% chance of getting that MVP. Don’t ask me how I calculated the percentage or I’ll have to pimp slap you through the Internets. He would not get the award if the race ended today.

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