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Is Nowitzki still an MVP candidate?

I’ve been watching a lot of Oscar nominated films lately such as The Fighter, Inception, and Black Swan. I figure I might as well implement that with the MVP candidates to create some kind of imagery. Dirk Nowitzki gets The Coen’s True Grit. He does not symbolize the Rooster character. It’s just the title itself fits him. He is playing through a knee injury. Dirk came back too early, but he is grinding it out for more wins.

I questioned if he came back to early just to compete for the MVP trophy. After all, he was the front runner for the first 2 months until he went out. He was balling very efficiently. As he sat on the bench, the Mavericks struggled. Dirk was flirting with missing 10 or more games. That would have eliminated him from this. He’s still hanging on a thread. I’ll acknowledge his true grit for hanging on. Dallas has gone 7-3 since the return. Great stuff. Dirk has been averaging 20.5 points within those last 10 games, but you know the deal. It’s not about the last 10 games. This is about the entire up until this point. Let’s kick in the good old League MVP Criteria.

A) The Numbers – 38 games played, MPG 34.6, FG 0.522, 3PT 0.408, FT 0.873, STL 0.7, BLK 0.7, REB 6.8,  AST 2.5, PTS 23.1, PER 23.7
What can I say? These averages are nearly identical to Kevin Durant, but with more games missed. This is terrible for him because Durant edges him out in almost every category. In essence, Nowitzki’s MVP stock took a hit. Is Durant a superior version of Dirk or Nowitzki is a poor man’s Durant? Wow. His PER isn’t all that mind blowing either.

B) Team record – 33-15. 0.688 win percentage. Currently 2nd in the West.
This is the only thing that is letting him hang around in MVP talks. This is sad because the Thunder, Lakers, and Hornets are not far behind. Go in a 4 game losing streak and kiss the 2nd seed good bye along with the MVP award. There is nothing no one can do for you, son.

C) Impact – Dallas needs his German efficiency bad. They’re nothing without him therefore making Dirk very valuable. The razor sharp shooting creates space for everyone. Unfortunately, the efficiency is not good enough to get that MVP. He better separate himself from Durant and his team; stats wise and team record wise. Having David Hasselhoff on his side is not good enough, too. Well, he helps a bit. Some Baywatch and Knight Rider can help anyone. Kitt, where you at?

Yes, he remains an MVP candidate – a weak one. Dirk’s chance of winning MVP is 8%. It was a lot higher after the first 2 months sitting at 35%, but dipped heavily due to missed games and unimpressive all around numbers. I don’t think Nowitzki even cares about the MVP at this point. He should be concerned with helping the team win ball games to get the 2nd seed for home court advantage. The fans are the only ones caring. If the race ended today, he loses.

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