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2011 MVP Race – Dwyane Wade took a back seat. Serious?

What is the business in Miami? They’re winning. What is the problem? LeBron James recently put in some serious work against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic with 51 points, 11 boards, 8 assists, and 17-25 from the field. There was nothing quiet about that. Bron dominated that ish. People were writing Wade off. Then Dwyane goes for a triple double against Charlotte (22 points, 10 assists, 12 boards). 28 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 blocks, and a steal against the Clippers. MVP candidates do not take a back seat to anyone, but Wade did?

This is effin pathetic. Really? I explored this scenario in Russell Westbrook versus Kevin Durant. This isn’t Jordan versus Pippen where we all knew MJ is king. This is not Westbrook versus Durant because most of you guys will say Durant. This Heat stuff is more intriguing to explore. The case in Miami is very difficult to determine. Miami Heat fans do not want to hear this $*i# because they want both guys to be number one, but that is impossible. Only one guy can be that. The League MVP Criteria has to determine where Wade stands in the MVP hunt.

A) The Numbers – 46 games played, MPG 36.7, FG 0.496, 3PT 0.302, FT 0.729, STL 1.4, BLK 1.0, REB 6.8,  AST 4.3, PTS 25.3, PER 25.3
Like Ed Lover would say, “C’mon son!” Wade’s numbers are actually better than a certain unicorn playing in Chicago sans assists, 3PT, and free throw percentage. If you’re reading this, you see the numbers. I do not need to explain anything any further. This is interesting to note – win shares 7.5. Wade had a win share of 13.0 last year. He regressed.

B) Team record – 37-14. Currently 2nd in the East and 3rd in the league.
Most people expected them to do better than this. That’s a great record, but does not change the fact that I am disappointed. I was standing with arms crossed anticipating an 82-0 season with all the hype especially with the notion that South Beach was more than willing to spread her legs for the South Beach trio. They have picked it up lately. That is still not enough because they are not demolishing opponents like trash allowing 93.8 points against them. Lesser talented teams such as Milwaukee, Chicago, and New Orleans have better defense. That is why I’m not convinced. Yet through all of this, Wade has legitimate MVP numbers. It’s too bad that a lot of people wrote him off because of LeBron.

C) Impact – Dwyane Wade remains a top 5 player in this league. After LeBron’s 51 point outing, Wade has been killing it in the next 2 games. He has been a mad man. I’m pretty he is using LeBron’s great performances to fuel his own outbursts. Does he do more with less? Nope. He’s playing with the best player in the NBA in LeBron and another all star in Bosh. That is huge in the MVP race. It does matter even if you disagree because the top 3 MVP candidates are doing more with less – no other superstars or All Stars on the team. You’re going to have to eat that, Miami Heat fans.

Wade has 6% of getting MVP. If the race ended today, he loses. He reminds me of Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids are All Right. Wade and LeBron is a married couple with Bosh as the birth child from an anonymous sperm donor. Wait, did I go too far? Are you not entertained? Okay, the plot isn’t like Wade except he keeps on making a point about the importance of his kids. I don’t disagree, but banging Gabrielle Union every night can make any man think that “My kids are all right. No worries.”

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